Floify’s 2018 Year in Review

Floify’s 2018 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is already coming to an end. Final touches are being put on year-end reviews, and planning for a successful 2019 is already underway across the mortgage industry. Before we launch ourselves completely into the New Year, we thought this would be a nice opportunity to reflect on the fantastic year that was 2018 and shine one more light on some of the amazing innovations, partnerships, and content that came out of the Floify office this year.


We got things going in 2018 by rapidly expanding our partner integration footprint. January provided a big burst of new credit reporting agency integrations with popular providers Credit Plus, SarmaCredit Technologies, and SharperLending’s XpertOnline portfolio.

But CRAs weren’t the only new partners to be made available in Floify at this time, as we also put the finishing touches on our integration with the BytePro LOS.


February started a wave of mobile-focused improvements to keep Floify ahead of the curve for our loan team customers who serve clients that prefer to do business on their smartphone.

To kick things off, we built the capability for loan teams to make their very own, brand-friendly, progressive web app. The PWA is an easy way for LOs to have their own branded lite-mobile app that borrowers can save to their phone through their web browser. Very cool!

We also streamlined our how-to guides, videos, and documentation into one single sign-on location at help.floify.com to make it much easier for customers to get timely answers to their questions.


The Floify iOS and Android mobile apps received a refreshed design that was smoother and more effective for borrowers.

Support was also added for the new (at the time) iPhone X and other “full screen” style smart phones.

With these updates, Floify’s mobile app was prepared for the most tech-savvy borrowers to start shipping their documentation (via photo upload that is automatically converted to PDF format, of course).


May was arguably the biggest month of the year for Floify. After months of development, we launched our 2018 piece de resistance on May 1st: a modern, embeddable, interview-style 1003 loan application.

A week later came the rollout of a new mobile-friendly design for our website at floify.com.

The party didn’t stop there, as more credit reporting agencies joined the Floify partner ecosystem, including Advantage CreditBirchwood Credit Services, and Universal Credit Services. It was a BIG month.


June was another great month of features designed for mortgage brands, as our engineers were focused on improving and adding branding options for loan teams.

These included all-new landing pages that were given a modern look and amplified with placements for a custom image and headline. Then we made it super easy to match the color scheme of the Floify 1003 to your brand’s own colors with one simple setting change.


The summer heat cooked up a hot new partnership with industry titan Fannie Mae and an integration with their flagship Desktop Underwriter AUS, creating the pathway for automated pre-qualification letters to be generated by Floify.

To even further streamline the application pre-approval process, Day 1 Certainty approved VOA provider AccountChek™ was fully integrated into the 1003 for optional upfront asset and deposit verification.

Floify CEO Dave Sims joined host Geoff Zimpfer on the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast to talk about the impact of mortgage tech on traditional workflows and how Floify is helping with that long overdue change. Worth a listen if you’re the podcast type!


We were, yet again, extremely busy in September and rolled out several awesome new features and integrations.

New functionality like the delayed borrower access and add new doc quick packs was released to support more variations of origination workflows. The loan pipeline was completely overhauled with modern design elements and responsiveness.

We mentioned integrations, right? Well September provided some big ones. CBC Innovis credit reporting was introduced, as well as the ability to order VOA/VOE/VOI reports via MeridianLink network affiliates, which many Floify customers already utilize for their credit reporting needs.


October contained another HUGE improvement to the platform as the second version of our unique and innovative Disclosure Desk was released. With Disclosure Desk enabled, lenders can connect their LOS, eSignature, and if necessary Document Generation provider, with Floify to create a marvelous and simplified signing experience for their borrowers.

No more secondary system to login to!

Now to the borrower’s eyes, everything happens within the Floify point-of-sale platform that lenders have branded and customized and borrowers are familiar with and trust.

We also re-wrote our article about key performance indicators for LOs to expand on popular mortgage KPIs and how to measure them. If your 2019 New Year’s Resolution is to become more data-oriented, this is a good place to get started.


The beginning of the holiday season brought the rollout of even more partner integrations, including the launch of our integration with the LendingQB LOS.


We just had to finish the year with a bang, and we think we did just that with the finalization of an awesome integration with Day 1 Certainty approved VOA vendor Plaid.

With that connection built, lenders and loan teams have multiple VOA options available to them within Floify, giving them the freedom to choose their favorite VOA provider for use within their favorite point-of-sale system.

But we still weren’t done yet.

We also announced our partnership and integration with the biggest LOS in the mortgage industry. No big deal.

Thank you for a wonderful year. On to 2019!

The last calendar year was really incredible at Floify, and we are grateful for each and every one of our customers who helped make it possible.

We have an ambitious roadmap for 2019 that is loaded with exciting new features, updates, and partner integrations for the Floify platform and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Cheers to your success!