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Tame Your Chaotic Mortgage Office

Tame Your Chaotic Mortgage Office

Floify Mortgage Borrower Portal and Dashboard

Borrower Portal

Automate the process of collecting loan documents from borrowers.

Milestone Updates

Keep referral partners and borrowers up-to-date with easy email updates.

Workflow Tasks

Track back office workflow tasks to avoid the last minute rush to closing.

Pipeline Status

Gain 24/7 visibility into the status of your pipeline.

Floify Status for October 1st

17% month-over-month growth

Loan Docs Under Management 172,184
Registered Users 11,793
Loan Files Under Management 11,382
Loan Files Started Last Month 1,767

Got 2 Minutes? Understand Floify.

C4 Lending Case Study

Your entire mortgage office could be 25% more productive by automating the process of gathering lending documents from your borrowers as well as keeping them informed of current loan status.

That 25% metric comes from our first customer, Melanie Taliaferro with C4 Lending.

Melanie runs the top producing branch of a nationwide mortgage company. Melanie employs a staff of 18 loan originators, assistants, and processors, all of whom use Floify.

In her words, Floify is the single best investment I’ve made in my branch.

Your Lending Team

We recently interviewed Linda Rudd, of Your Lending Team in San Antonio. Linda let us know that her team was on pace to originate $46 million in loan volume this year.

We asked her about the things that she does to keep her team producing at a high level.

Check out the super informative interview.

After we wrapped up, Linda gave us a great insight into how her team used Floify to help them measure their performance in preparation of the upcoming TRID implementation:

“Floify’s really helping to transition what we’re doing as a team, and I feel very confident that it’s going to be one of the critical factors that’s going to help us get through TRID.”

Read about exactly how Linda used the Floify pipeline to get TRID ready.





What Loan Originators Say About Floify

As I have gotten much busier, this system has really helped out a lot and made my life a lot easier.

Stephen M. Campbell / Senior Loan Officer / Glastonbury, Connecticut

Everyone love love loves the milestone updates! We have seen significant agent retention since we instituted Floify updates in a systematic way.

Andrew Soss / Sr Mortgage Advisor & Team Leader / Newport Beach, California

It’s working great and the clients have complimented the site for its ease to work with. Syncs up with Dropbox perfectly. I highly recommend.

Steve Stapleton / Branch Manager / St. Petersburg, Florida

Just Email Your Tax Return

Have you ever heard that? Just email your tax return.

Email is not secure. Tax returns sent over email is a step towards identity theft.

Sending personal information by email is not secure.

Floify is a fully secure platform for collecting loan docs from borrowers.

Here’s a 5 minute demo video of Floify that shows you what we mean:

Milestone Updates for Realtors

Real estate agents are your best referral partners, right?

Keep them up-to-date on loan progress with simple emails that look great on mobile devices.

Make yourself look smart and well organized to the people who send you referrals.

  • Real estate agents, title companies, borrowers are all kept up-to-date through each milestone of the loan process.
  • Don’t wait til Friday to send updates. Send them throughout the day, every day.
  • Looks great on smartphones. Busy real estate agents see the critical info they need in the email subject line.
  • Just two clicks to send a personalized milestone update message. No more copy/paste.

Use Webforms Instead of PDF Forms

Still emailing PDF forms for your borrowers to fill out and return?

With webforms, borrowers fill out your Homeowners Insurance and other forms online.

It’s much faster and easier than downloading a PDF, filling out the PDF form, and then sending it in.

We take care of everything. Just send us your forms, and we’ll convert them to user-friendly webforms.

Homeowner's Insurance Info

Hard Money Lenders

Hard Money Lenders and Private Money Lenders reap the same benefits from Floify as mortgage originators.

Fix-and-flip deals have similar characteristics to mortgage originations. As a hard money lender, you need to:

  • Collect the construction and rehab plans and estimated costs
  • Collect the LLC’s Articles of Organization and other operating documents
  • Show a professional web presence to your borrowers

If you’re a hard money or private money lender, the Floify Borrower Portal keeps your deals and borrowers on track to a timely closing.

Borrower Portal

Wouldn’t it be awesome if borrowers had a professional Borrower Portal that let them:

  • Securely upload all bank statements, pay stubs, etc
  • Wet-sign other needed docs
  • Check loan status
  • Fill out your Short Form App + other customizable webforms
  • See your branding
  • Synchronize uploaded docs to your Dropbox or Box

That would be awesome.

Here’s the free Floify signup for that.