Discover the Secrets to Building Your LO Dream Team

With volume expected to make soft gains this year, exceptional LOs are key to bringing in every possible dollar.

The MBA forecasts over 5 million mortgages in 2024, and all-star LOs have the right expertise, the right experience and the right mindset to capture that opportunity. So, how can lenders attract and keep these MVPs? Discover the secret in Floify's free eBook Drafting a Dream Team. Derived from a survey of 150 top producers, the eBook uncovers what makes them stay, the technology they prefer, and the benefits they value most.

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The Porch home app helps borrowers with every aspect of their pre- and post-move experience, including:

Stay in front of your borrowers post-close with your contact information featured in the app

How to recognize and prepare for mortgage industry cycles and the impacts of interest rate changes on borrower's buying power

Why 60% of lenders feel pessimistic about housing market performance and how to adopt a proactive approach

How investing in innovative technology can give you a competitive edge in any market condition, helping you thrive in both short and long timescales

The importance of automation in combating common challenges faced by mortgage professionals in banks, credit unions, mortgage banks, and mortgage brokers

How to develop a tailored approach to automation that supports your loan officers (LOs) and scales your business, regardless of market fluctuations