Integrate Floify with focusIT-hosted Calyx PointCentral LOS

floify calyx pointcentral los focusit integration

Floify now supports integration with focusIT-hosted instances of Calyx PointCentral LOS. Integration between the customer-facing point-of-sale system and the backend loan origination system gives originators and their teams the ability to automate large portions of their data and document gathering processes to avoid inefficient duplicate entry and human error. With the Calyx PointCentral and Floify integration LOs will be able … Read More

3 Friction-Filled Mortgage Processes that Frustrate Borrowers

mortgage process friction and frustration

Before ever starting their first loan application, many potential homebuyers are constantly reminded of how difficult and frustrating the mortgage process is. This is because for so many borrowers over the years the home financing journey was filled with friction that led them to associate getting a mortgage with getting a root canal. “Nothing is smooth or easy and there … Read More

RELEASE: Floify Joins with Plaid to Automate the Collection of Mortgage Borrower Asset Reports

floify plaid partnership automated digital asset verification

BOULDER, COLO. – March 08, 2019 – Floify, an innovative mortgage point-of-sale solution, announced today it has joined forces with Plaid, the technology platform and data network powering many of the largest and fastest-growing applications and businesses in financial technology. The partnership enables lenders and loan originators to order and receive Plaid’s Asset Reports from the Floify point-of-sale solution, simply by having consumers connect … Read More

Elevating the Borrowing Experience With Floify’s Customizable Email Templates

floify automated customizable email templates mortgage borrower experience

The Floify system sends borrowers, referral partners, and loan team members 6 different automated email notifications to keep stakeholders informed and accountable, and also up to 14 unique loan milestones to maintain transparency throughout the loan origination process. Each of these notifications or milestone status updates is backed by a fully-customizable email template that allows originators to have full influence … Read More

Maximize Branding Opportunities with Floify

loan originator configuring floify's branding options

The Floify mortgage automation platform is one of the most heavily customizable systems available in the industry. Everything from our milestones, email templates, 1003 application, custom fields and layouts, and much more can be configured to meet the individual needs of the loan origination teams that rely on the system to interact with their clients. When those clients or partners … Read More

8 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind with your Mortgage Client Database

stay top of mind with former past mortgage clients

You’ve likely heard the infamous statistic about how it costs 6 to 7 times as much to acquire a new client than it does to keep an old one. The thing is… it’s true. While the numbers may vary slightly from industry to industry, the fact remains that it costs far more to market to, acquire, and activate a new … Read More

Enhance User Security with Floify’s New Password Controls

mortgage compliance password security

The newest update to Floify provides lenders with a set of configurable security controls from which to craft their user password requirements. These settings, which can be accessed from your company dashboard, apply to users under the company’s umbrella and not borrowers or partners. Not only does a lender gain the ability to tighten their protective measures, but these new … Read More

Leverage Direct-Source Asset Verification via Floify’s Plaid Integration

Floify’s newest integration with Day 1 Certainty-approved verification provider, Plaid, allows lenders who have an existing Plaid account to seamlessly order and receive digital asset verification reports from Plaid directly from within their Floify user interface. Plaid’s asset verification solution helps origination teams cut loan processing times by eliminating the sourcing and uploading of borrower bank statements. The inefficient and … Read More

New Idle App Notification Reminds Prospects to Finish Incomplete Loan Apps

floify mortgage software update

Floify’s interview-style Apply Now 2.0 loan application is designed to help loan originators and their teams maximize their pull-through rate, and reduce the friction and frustration that many borrowers ascribe to the loan application process. But sometimes your prospects could use a little nudge or reminder when they’ve started an application but have not gotten it to the finish line … Read More