Easily Support Multiple Pipelines With Floify’s New One-View Dashboard

Floify has long offered mortgage lenders and origination teams the flexibility to share important support staff, such as loan processors, between any number of branches or individual loan originator’s pipelines. This makes it easy for companies big and small to maximize their capacity and take advantage of time and cost saving efficiencies while only needing to expand their staffing when … Read More

enterprise mortgage lending

Transform Your Organization’s Lending Process with Floify

From the consumer’s perspective, the actual steps for obtaining a home loan have changed very little over the years. Fill out application. Sign authorizations. Submit documentation. Submit more documentation. Obtain final approval. Sign lots of closing documents. Get keys. What has changed, dramatically, is that borrowers are no longer satisfied by having to complete these tasks using manual, paper-intensive methods. … Read More

online loan application frustration

Is Your Online Loan Application Costing You Business?

Ellie Mae’s 2019 Borrower Insights Survey revealed several growing trends in borrower’s attitudes towards digital mortgage offerings. Some of these shifts have been discussed anecdotally for years now, but the survey data reinforces these conclusions and provides a roadmap for where the industry should focus their digitization efforts. This is incredibly important because now, more than ever, mortgage borrowers are … Read More

arizona and texas state mortgage forms

Quickly Generate and eSign Arizona & Texas-Specific Forms in Floify

For the last couple of years, mortgage lenders and brokers in the states of Arizona and Texas have been required to include additional compliance-oriented forms to their workflow. In Arizona, loan originators must fill out the Arizona Association of Realtor’s Pre-Qualification Form (PQF), Loan Status Update (LSU), and Loan Status Report (LSR), which need to be signed by both the … Read More

upgrade to version 3 of Floifys loan application

6 Reasons to Switch to the Latest Version of Floify’s 1003 Loan Application

Last December, we launched the highly anticipated third version of our web-based 1003 loan application. Version 3 offers Floify customers even more features and functionality within a modern, borrower-friendly design that is highly customizable and embeddable within a lender’s website. What’s even sweeter? There’s no hidden costs or hoops to jump through to take advantage of this platform upgrade. It’s … Read More

Key Performance Metrics for Loan Originators and Brokers

Running a profitable mortgage origination business is never a static job. It often involves constant evaluation as well as correctly making important and impactful decisions that come up from time-to-time. Are the loans that you’re originating profitable? When should you make the next hire? How do you identify and resolve bottlenecks in your process? Far too many mortgage pros “go … Read More

deliver an exceptional mortgage borrowing experience

The Many (Other) Benefits of an Exceptional Mortage Borrowing Experience

When mortgage professionals examine the cost-benefits of updating their loan process and borrower experience, the conversation tends to revolve around efficiency and the value of taking days off of the loan cycle. And these are perfectly good reasons! But sometimes that narrow-minded approach can lead a lender or LO to hesitate on making the necessary investment. After all, loans are … Read More

video marketing and floify emails

The Importance of Video in 2020 and One Easy Way to Take Advantage with Floify

Even before social-distancing became a part of everyday life, pushing businesses to communicate in new and different ways, the use of video for marketing and customer engagement was already considered one of the biggest trends of the last couple of years. And with good reason. Studies have shown considerable growth in the amount of video being consumed by people on … Read More

Floify hybrid e-closing

Minimize Time at the Closing Table with Floify’s Hybrid E-Closing

With rapidly evolving market conditions, borrowers’ growing appetites for digitization, and a new reality that has forced people to stay in their homes, it’s no wonder that mortgage lenders are seeking new and innovative ways to conduct as much business as possible from a distance. Floify’s newest addition, Hybrid E-Closing, helps lenders accomplish this goal by empowering borrowers to electronically … Read More

remote mortgage lending

Top Systems for Running an Efficient Remote Mortgage Operation

Adjusting to the challenges of doing business today has been a first time experience for the vast majority of mortgage professionals. But at the end of the day, lenders have been great about putting the safety of their employees and customers above business-as-usual. This has meant adapting to a remote-based, distributed work environment. With little to no experience in that … Read More