Create a Single-Access Mortgage Experience Your Borrowers Will Love

frustrated mortgage borrower

Modern digital systems have become integral in organizing and providing transparency into complex aspects of everyday life. You may do your general banking with one institution, invest with several others, and have a loan with someone else, but by using a platform like ‘’ or ‘You Need a Budget’ a person can see everything in one place and better understand … Read More

Why You Should Be Sending Text Message Updates, and How To Do It In Floify

floify sms text message notifications and updates

Do you use short message service (SMS), better known as text messaging, to boost transparency and keep your clients and partners fully informed throughout the loan origination process? If not, you may want to reconsider after learning that text messages have a 98% open/read rate. That’s nearly four times more than the average email! Nothing slows down a loan more … Read More

How to Increase the Success Rate of Mortage Software Adoption

mortgage software system adoption plan strategy

There has been a technological movement happening on the origination side of the mortgage industry for a few years now. New, powerful mortgage software systems are allowing lenders to become leaner with their operations, optimize their borrower’s experience, and put forth a more efficient process that gets people into homes quicker with less hassle. Today’s mortgage industry workforce has never … Read More

Managing How, or When, Floify Sends Notifications to Borrowers

customizing Floify's communication cadence

A core automation of the Floify platform involves the system-generated notifications that are sent to borrowers that help keep them accountable, informed, and actively participating in their loan. The six automatic system notifications include: Needs List Add Document Notice Reject Document Notice All Docs Accepted Notice Deadline Notice Idle Application Notification Not only do these notifications use fully-customizable email and … Read More

Floify Now Supports eSigning via Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

floify calyx pointcentral los focusit integration

Floify now supports integration with IDS (Integrated Document Solutions) to provide eSigning capabilities within the Floify point-of-sale interface. When this integration is active, Floify will automatically pull in document packages from IDS and trigger notifications alerting the borrower to a new request. To respond to an IDS eSignature request, borrowers will simply log in to their familiar Floify account and … Read More

3 Friction-Filled Mortgage Processes that Frustrate Borrowers

mortgage process friction and frustration

Before ever starting their first loan application, many potential homebuyers are constantly reminded of how difficult and frustrating the mortgage process is. This is because for so many borrowers over the years the home financing journey was filled with friction that led them to associate getting a mortgage with getting a root canal. “Nothing is smooth or easy and there … Read More

Elevating the Borrowing Experience With Floify’s Customizable Email Templates

floify automated customizable email templates mortgage borrower experience

The Floify system sends borrowers, referral partners, and loan team members 6 different automated email notifications to keep stakeholders informed and accountable, and also up to 14 unique loan milestones to maintain transparency throughout the loan origination process. Each of these notifications or milestone status updates is backed by a fully-customizable email template that allows originators to have full influence … Read More

Maximize Branding Opportunities with Floify

loan originator configuring floify's branding options

The Floify mortgage automation platform is one of the most heavily customizable systems available in the industry. Everything from our milestones, email templates, 1003 application, custom fields and layouts, and much more can be configured to meet the individual needs of the loan origination teams that rely on the system to interact with their clients. When those clients or partners … Read More

8 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind with your Mortgage Client Database

stay top of mind with former past mortgage clients

You’ve likely heard the infamous statistic about how it costs 6 to 7 times as much to acquire a new client than it does to keep an old one. The thing is… it’s true. While the numbers may vary slightly from industry to industry, the fact remains that it costs far more to market to, acquire, and activate a new … Read More

Enhance User Security with Floify’s New Password Controls

mortgage compliance password security

The newest update to Floify provides lenders with a set of configurable security controls from which to craft their user password requirements. These settings, which can be accessed from your company dashboard, apply to users under the company’s umbrella and not borrowers or partners. Not only does a lender gain the ability to tighten their protective measures, but these new … Read More