Floify’s Director of Engineering Wins HousingWire Insiders Award

housingwire insiders award winner dave lamy

Floify is proud to announce that our very own Director of Engineering, Dave Lamy, was recently selected by HousingWire to receive their prestigious Insiders Award. The Insiders are professionals their companies turn to with their most important or challenging projects because their contributions and hard work lead to superior results. Only 50 winners are carefully selected from throughout the entire housing industry. … Read More

Conveniently Order Credit, VOA, VOE, and VOI via MeridianLink Affiliated Agencies

meridianlink verification integration floify

Floify supports integration with 50+ credit reporting agencies through various direct and networked CRA connections. Some of the most well-known and heavily used credit agencies amongst those integrated with the platform are also affiliated with MeridianLink’s Mortgage Credit Link (MCL) solution, including: Advantage Credit Birchwood Credit Services Certified Credit Reporting CIS Credit Plus Credit Technologies Credit Technology, Inc. Sarma SettlementOne … Read More

Supercharge Your Workflow with the New Floify–Shape CRM Integration

floify and shape integration

Mortgage origination pros know that in order to efficiently operate a high-performing business, they need to have strong CRM and POS systems that allow them to manage a high volume of loans and maintain a large database of prospects and clients while still keeping their team lean and overhead low. When those systems communicate with each other the loan originator … Read More

How to Gain More Insight Into Your Loan Pipeline with Floify

Floify loan pipeline insights

Floify’s loan pipeline is not a static element of the system. Originators have the power to customize which data points are displayed on the loan pipeline, and can then easily sort the loan flows to meet their needs. Consider that within Floify you’ve got your entire active loan pipeline at your fingertips – at all times and from anywhere. How … Read More

Access CIS, Informative Research, and SettlementOne Credit Reporting via Floify’s Massive Integration Library

Loan originators using the Floify platform have long enjoyed the platform’s document management capabilities to keep their loan files organized and centralized in one location. In just a few minutes, LOs and processors can analyze their entire in-process pipeline and immediately know exactly which files have outstanding conditions, and what those conditions are. But not all documents necessary for the … Read More

Securing the Data, and Trust, of Mortgage Borrowers

secure borrower mortgage data and documents

Here we go again. Another massive lapse in data security. This time it was Capital One, and a misconfigured firewall, that allowed a hacker to access the personal information of 106 million people. That’s just the latest. Earlier this year an independent researcher discovered an unprotected database, maintained by mortgage servicer Ascencion, that contained more than 24 million mortgage and … Read More

Simple and Efficient Task Management in Floify

manage mortgage tasks in floify

The most successful business professionals, in just about any industry, understand the value of systematically managing the tasks that need to be completed in order for them to generate profits. It’s a particularly critical piece for mortgage originators and their teams who juggle incredibly complex transactions on a day-to-day basis – with a seemingly infinite combination of loan products and … Read More

How Loan Originators Can Accelerate Needs List Gathering

gathering mortgage document needs list

The process of acquiring a home loan has many variables throughout that can determine not only when a loan will close, but also if it will close. At the top of this list and one of the biggest sources of frustration for loan originators, is document gathering. The reason is obvious. There is very little control for the LO during … Read More

Microsoft® OneDrive® Now Integrated In Floify

microsoft onedrive floify cloud storage integration

Today’s loan originator has numerous options available to them for the purpose of securely storing and organizing the documentation that they take in from their clients. One such method that has become extremely popular is the use of cloud storage platforms that provide loads of space at an affordable rate – allowing for access to your data anywhere there is … Read More

Co-branding Floify Landing Pages with Your Agent Partners

co-branded landing page hero

One of the more highly anticipated components of Floify’s re-designed landing pages is the ability for loan originators to create a unique co-branded landing page for any partner that they work with, in Floify. Co-branding with your partners has more benefit than just slapping a picture and some contact info on the page. Co-branding increases trust with your clients by … Read More