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Floify Announces Multi-Factor Authentication Rollout to Enhance Security

Floify Announces Multi-Factor Authentication Rollout to Enhance Security

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At Floify, we are committed to providing the most secure and compliant platform for our users, so we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature for all Floify users. This update will help enhance overall site security and data protection for all our users.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an increasingly common security measure designed to protect accounts from unauthorized or malicious logins. MFA requires two or more forms of identity verification, such as something you know (password, key code, question), something you possess (phone/email code, token, physical key), or something you are (fingerprint, biometrics).

In short, MFA increases security and protects personal data.

Floify's MFA Feature:

To enhance site security and data protection, Floify will be making MFA required for all users. Once MFA is live, users will be asked to set up MFA on their next login. Users can select their phone or email (or both) to receive the MFA security code. Company users will be prompted to enter a code every 5 days on recognized devices, while borrower users will be prompted every 14 days.

MFA Rollout Timeline:

We will release the MFA update in several stages, as detailed below:

  • Mid May: MFA for ALL Company users release
  • Late May: MFA for borrowers/other end users early access release
  • Early June: MFA for ALL borrowers/other end users release

If you would like to participate in "early access" for MFA, please reach out to product@floify.com.

At Floify, we believe in continuously improving our platform's security to protect our users' data. The implementation of MFA is a significant step towards enhancing our security measures.