floify 2019 year in review

The Best of Floify’s 2019

It was an eventful year in the mortgage industry! From historically low interest rates and record-high equity to the long-awaited URLA guidance, 2019 offered plenty of opportunities for success – while also keeping everyone on their toes. For our part, Floify reached some incredible milestones, launched a number of new integrations, developed many new features, and even took home some … Read More

boost sales and win deals with responsiveness and lead nurturing

The Simple Sales Tactics That Win Deals

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times: mortgage lending is a relationship business. But what originators don’t mention is how to master the early stages of the relationship-building process in order to win the business of a prospect that is likely also inquiring about a loan with your competition as well. Because unless the LO already … Read More

URLA redesign timeline and expectations

Design, Update, Mandate, Delay: What Is Going on with the Redesigned URLA?

In 2016, the GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unveiled a redesigned version of the uniform residential loan application, marking the first changes to the form in nearly 20 years. The update was intended to modernize the form with a new layout designed to support the efficient and accurate collection of information and data and to help the industry identify … Read More

adapting loan workflows

Adapting Loan Workflows To Serve Diverse Communities

In order to maximize loan production efficiency, and gain all of the benefits associated, a loan originator and their team must develop and hone their workflow, polishing away blockers and rough patches until what remains resembles the well-oiled machine that was sought. But what happens to that carefully planned workflow when variables are changed? A loan originator that is not … Read More

mortgage profitability

Why Originators Should Prioritize Mortgage Loan Profitability

The mortgage industry has long had a fixation with loan volume and total units as the definitive measuring stick of lending success. Every year there are various rankings published that all utilize these metrics to determine where lenders and originators should fall on the list. But while market share is important, at the end of the day all of these … Read More

automated business rules document requests

Automating Conditions and Needs List Creation in Floify

There are a number of great reasons loan originators augment their workflow with automation. It drives higher efficiency, reduces or eliminates errors and omissions, and can allow their borrowers to enjoy a loan process that moves as fast as they do. One area of the origination process that Floify’s mortgage automation engine helps LOs gain all of these benefits is … Read More

How Loan Originators Reinforce Referral Relationships with Floify

Longtime loan originators know that there are two major profit centers for their mortgage business. The first is the limitless potential of their client database, providing tons of opportunity for refinances as well as new purchase business. The second comes from developing a network of partners that consistently refer you new business, month-after-month. To build that network LOs spend countless … Read More

Catering your Process to the Largest Demographic of Homebuyers – Millennials

Everyone has seen the statistic: the Millennial generation represents the largest share of potential homebuyers. This is true. Millennials passed Baby Boomers a few years ago and now account for 36% of potential homebuyers, versus a 32% share for Baby Boomers. The gap widens every year. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that Millennials aren’t actually buying homes, earlier this year … Read More