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Floify Enhances Broker Regulatory Reporting Efficiency with New Mortgage Call Reports Functionality

Floify Enhances Broker Regulatory Reporting Efficiency with New Mortgage Call Reports Functionality

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In the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, brokers must continually juggle a high-touch customer with mandatory reporting requirements. Recognizing the need for more seamless reporting, Floify is excited to introduce the latest addition to the platform's broker edition: Mortgage Call Reports (MCR).

Simplify NMLS Reporting with Floify Automation

Designed to simplify and accelerate the NMLS reporting process, Floify's MCR empowers brokers to quickly and easily generate the required mortgage call report spreadsheet, pre-populated with the quarter's essential loan data.  Brokers are able to export separate reports for any year and quarter as well as each state the broker holds licensure.

Additionally, to ensure accuracy and provide a complete picture, Floify also supplies a RAW DATA pipeline report for reference. With the MCR spreadsheet and data from Floify in-hand, brokers are able to get a huge jumpstart on their quarterly regulatory requirements.

Consolidating the Mortgage Broker Tech Stack

While Floify has earned its reputation as the most robust Point-of-Sale (POS) solution for mortgage brokers, the industry and unique needs of brokers has continued to evolve. The addition of Mortgage Call Reports underscores our commitment to offering Floify's mortgage broker customers an all-in-one homeownership platform to run their business, with the most differentiating customer experience capabilities.

Brokers can look forward to more powerful integrations and features in the near future. Floify's upcoming PPE and major wholesaler integration are set to elevate the platform's broker edition even further.

These enhancements aim to empower brokers and minimize the need for multiple tools and systems.

Get Started with Floify's MCR Feature

Floify customers can start using the new MCR feature today. Head over to the Floify Help Center for more information.

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