Co-Pilot Quick Assist: Give Borrowers Timely Help with Their Loan App

Co-Pilot Quick Assist: Give Borrowers Timely Help with Their Loan App

introducing floify co pilot quick assist

Since Floify's 1003 Co-Pilot feature first launched, it has provided loan origination teams with a dynamic method of working with their borrowers digitally. Using next-generation technology, Co-Pilot brings borrowers and LO teams together to complete an application in a live, simultaneous work environment.

And now, Floify's Enhanced Co-Pilot functionality adds Quick Assist to enable teams to respond in a moment's notice when their borrowers have questions or need help with their loan application.

More Applications, Less Borrower Frustration

73% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do.

The loan application portion of the origination process is by far the most time-consuming and complex component for mortgage borrowers. From not knowing what is required of them to struggling to gather all of the information necessary, this is often the point in time where borrowers decide that financing a home is a job for another day.

For the LO that spent time and/or money acquiring this prospect, this is a significant issue.

Floify's 1003 loan application is already designed with intelligent prompts and intuitive graphics, along with an interview-style cadence, to alleviate as much friction from this process as possible. But sometimes the ability to jump in and assist a borrower in the moment of their frustration is the key to not just getting the application across the finish line, but also winning a loyal customer.

This is where Floify's Enhanced Co-Pilot with Quick Assist can make an immediate impact for originators. When Quick Assist is active, borrowers are able to request live help from their lending team while actively in the process of completing their 1003.

The lending team will receive this notification via email and in one quick click is able to jump directly into the specific borrower application in question and deliver timely assistance via Co-Pilot.

Get Help With Co-Pilot Quick Assist

For more information about the configuration and usage of Floify's Enhanced Co-Pilot with Borrower Quick Assist, please visit the Floify Help Center.