Birchwood Credit Services

Pull Instant Credit Reports

The Birchwood Credit Services app integration enables loan officers that are using Floify to streamline their mortgage process and automatically collect a borrower’s credit report from Birchwood Credit Services upon submission of a loan application or on-demand directly from their Floify account.

Floify’s integration with Birchwood Credit Services' reporting services also eliminates the hassle of collecting credit reports by empowering borrowers to digitally submit their consent directly to lenders in just a few clicks.

Once ordered, borrower credit reports will be seamlessly delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding Floify loan flow.

About Birchwood Credit Services

You can get your online credit reporting and verification services from a number of providers, but only Birchwood can make that part of your job the best part of your day. Birchwood provides the most accurate mortgage online credit reports, tax return verifications, flood reports, collateral and property reports, credit re-scoring, and other related services.

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