MeridianLink Verifications Come to Floify, Plus a Refreshed Loan Pipeline and More!

MeridianLink Verifications Come to Floify, Plus a Refreshed Loan Pipeline and More!

You may have noticed that your Floify loan pipeline has a different look and feel to it than what you were experiencing just a week ago.

Good news! You’re not seeing things!

In continuing our efforts to build a mobile responsive system, the loan pipeline has been rebuilt with a fully mobile-responsive user interface. Modern design elements and transitions were incorporated to give the user a smoother experience when navigating the loan pipeline, including from their mobile device.

VOA/VOE/VOI Requests Available Via MeridianLink Affiliates

Floify now provides support for verification of assets, employment and income ordering via our integrated MeridianLink credit affiliates.

When ordering a verification report through an affiliate vendor, such as CreditPlus, Universal Credit, Sarma, and others, PDF reports are delivered directly to the corresponding Floify loan flow where they can be viewed similarly to any other uploaded document.

Verifications of employment and income ordered through the MCL network affiliate are processed using The Work Number, while requests for verification of assets utilize the AccountChek™ service.

VOA requests via this integration can be automated upon the submission of a 1003 loan application. VOE and/or VOI can be ordered from the Add New Doc interface.

Delayed Borrower Invitation

delay the borrower loan flow invitation

As we’ve learned over years of working with loan originators, one LOs process is always different from the next. Some workflows are designed to require more qualification of a prospect up-front, by pulling credit or other key alternative indicators of credit-worthiness before documents are requested and hours are committed.

To serve this type of loan workflow, Floify’s new delayed borrower invitation feature grants origination teams the power to start a loan flow in Floify, pull credit through one of our various integration partners or complete any other process tasks, without extending the email invitation that welcomes and provides the prospect access to the point-of-sale.

If you choose to delay the start of the loan flow, other notifications like the add doc notice or deadline reminders will also delay until you decide to move forward with the flow and allow the sending of the welcome email.

This functionality is optional when starting a new loan flow from the loan pipeline (as seen above), or can be configured alongside the loan application auto-conversion feature.

Company Audit Log

floify company settings audit log

A new audit log was installed at the company dashboard level of your account.

The company audit log records any changes to account settings, who made the change, and what configuration value they changed the setting to.

This layer of transparency makes it easy for team leaders and compliance managers to manage and track important changes to their Floify account, and easily identify and unwind unwanted or forbidden alterations.

Whether you’re using the new delayed invite functionality with new loan flows, or find yourself regularly requesting additional documentation from borrowers, Floify now uses the same user interface when adding template doc requests to the loan flow as it does when starting a loan flow.

Now you’ll be able to select one of your quick packs to add to an existing loan flow, instead of choosing individual template documents, OR access your full list of template docs by clicking into the ‘All’ category tab.

add template doc quick pack user interface