Big Update to Floify Landing Pages Brings a New Look and More Branding

Big Update to Floify Landing Pages Brings a New Look and More Branding

Development efforts in the month of June have brought exciting new ways to further customize the Floify platform to match your company brand and style.

Enterprise lenders will love how easy it is to set and standardize the design and branding options available in Floify. These branding options create a consistent user experience for borrowers across their entire operation.

New, Fresh Look and More Branding Options for Floify Landing Pages

floify landing page

Floify’s newest feature update provides a more elegant and configurable landing page for LOs to use with borrowers and prospects.

The refreshed LO landing page incorporates a visually-pleasing design, more configurable branding options such as a custom headline, LO contact information and image, and a shortcut for prospects to start a loan application.

Now, when your client logs in to their loan flow, they are welcomed by your brand. With this configurable landing page, your borrower instantly knows they’re in the right place.

Even further, you are able to adjust your LO landing page in two places.

First, you can set your name, NMLS number, and phone number that comprise the LO info section. To do this, click on your email address in the top right corner of Floify to edit your account profile details.

Second, to customize your headline and image, navigate to your Floify Settings’ Team Info tab. Here, you will be able to edit your landing page configuration.

Quickly Customize Your Loan Application’s Primary Color Scheme

custom colors

For those who want to have FULL control over the look and feel of their loan application, Floify’s Custom CSS and Custom Javascript abilities make it easy to completely overhaul styles or add on-page functionality.

But not everyone is looking to make such widespread and nuanced alterations.

Fortunately, Floify’s new Custom Color Scheme feature makes it incredibly easy to change the fundamental color present throughout the loan application on buttons, sliders, and accents. Overall, this new configuration provides a simple way to align your loan application with your company’s brand and style.

If you’re using Floify’s new interview-style 1003 loan application, you can quickly and easily change your color scheme. To do this, navigate to your Floify Settings’ ‘Apply Now’ tab, and then edit the Apply Now General Settings.

Encompass Milestone Sync for Floify Enterprise Customers

Floify Enterprise customers leveraging integration with Encompass LOS can now sync milestones between the two platforms.

If configured, when a milestone is checked off in Encompass, it will also check off the corresponding milestone in Floify, set the checkoff date and property address (when available) and automatically trigger Floify’s milestone email and SMS notifications.

Floify Enterprise companies can set and standardize milestones across their entire lending operation to provide continuity from branch to branch.