Add Your Unique Style and Functionality to the 1003

Add Your Unique Style and Functionality to the 1003

The month of May saw Floify launch an all-new, next-generation 1003 loan application; complete with an interview-style questionnaire, TurboTax-like section reviews, and support for auto-generated document needs-lists.

Since that May 1st launch, we’ve been busy!

We’ve rolled out a number of updates to Apply Now 2.0, new credit reporting agency integrations, and more. Check out what’s new at Floify:

Apply Now 2.0 Improvements

Since the May 1st launch of Floify’s modern, interview-style 1003 loan application, a ton of new enhancements and improvements have already been put into production.

Improvements to the questionnaire flow and logic make it easier than ever to get the necessary information from your customers.

This includes adding functionality to prompt for a separate mailing address, a reason for refinancing, options to declare the use of property, and more follow-up questions on the address history and declarations screens.

Gain complete control over the look and feel of your loan application

Longtime Floify customers have come to expect the ultimate flexibility and customizability from our 1003. This allows them the freedom to sculpt their loan app exactly as they’d like it.

Not only does Floify’s Apply Now 2.0 1003 give originators the option to choose which fields to include, and which fields to require, but, starting at the end of this week, they will also have the power to add in their own custom styles or scripts to truly bring their brand to the loan app.

New configurations to the company dashboard allow managers to add their own custom CSS to style the loan application as they like, include their custom JavaScript to add functionality, or bring in external CSS/JS assets that are hosted somewhere else.

Adding these configurations to the company dashboard level means larger companies and lenders only have to add their code once. They are able to standardize the look and feel of the loan application across their entire operation.

New Credit Reporting Agencies in the Floify App Store

Several new CRA additions were recently added to our suite of third-party integrations, giving Floify customers instant access to borrower credit reporting from:

• Advantage Credit
• Avantus Credit
• Birchwood Credit
• Universal Credit

If you have a business relationship with one of these credit reporting agencies, or any of the others in the Floify App Store, you can quickly install their app and immediately begin pulling borrower credit reports within Floify.

In addition, all credit reports pulled from a Floify App are delivered seamlessly to the yellow bucket of the corresponding loan flow, ready for your review and approval.

To further streamline the pre-approval process, LOs can configure their Floify 1003 to utilize one of these CRA apps. They can even automate the credit pull to happen upon submission of a loan application.

Custom Session Inactivity Timeout

Floify consistently maintains its position as the most secure and configurable mortgage point-of-sale in the industry. Recently, we have added a new session inactivity timeout setting on the company dashboard. These timeout settings provide the ability to customize how long a user can be inactive before the Floify platform logs them out.

The Floify platform can configure timeout durations independently for LO Teams as well as borrowers. They can also be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 8 hours.

Stay tuned to the Floify blog for our next innovation recap, coming in June!