Floify’s Dave Sims Joins the Mortgage Marketing Radio Podcast

Floify’s Dave Sims Joins the Mortgage Marketing Radio Podcast

Floify CEO Dave Sims recently joined host Geoff Zimpfer on the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast to talk shop about the popular mortgage automation platform and the impact that technology can have on traditional loan workflows and borrower/agent engagement.

If you’re not familiar with the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast than you are missing out on a wealth of free information. Host Geoff Zimpfer has recorded 80 episodes (and counting) featuring some of the best and brightest minds in sales and loans, such as Todd Duncan, Dave Savage, Susan Meitner and many more.

Whether you’re looking for help getting high quality leads from Facebook advertising, or how to turn listing agents into referral partners, the free content covers the gamut.

Some of the key takeaways from Dave’s appearance on the podcast were:

  • How to keep borrowers engaged in the process
  • Why a mortgage point-of-sale system is essential in today’s environment
  • How to automate borrower and agent communication
  • Delivering a mobile-friendly modern mortgage experience
  • How you can leverage Floify to close loans faster

If you’ve been considering leveraging automation to improve your mortgage workflow, close loans faster, and better engage with your clients and partners, this is a must-listen!