New and Updated Integrations: CBC Innovis, LendingQB, UberWriter, TWN

New and Updated Integrations: CBC Innovis, LendingQB, UberWriter, TWN

Floify’s robust suite of integration offerings is one of the many features that have helped our solution differentiate from other mortgage point-of-sale systems on the market. Over the years we’ve added more than two dozen native and third-party integrations with credit reporting agencies, verification services, eSignature providers, cloud storage platforms, LOS systems, and much more.

Today we are excited to announce our newest integrations and partnerships, designed to help you become more efficient in your processes and eliminate time-consuming redundancies to free you up to close more loans.

CBCInnovis Credit Reports

The most recent addition to Floify’s growing suite of integrated credit reporting agencies is CBCInnovis.

Loan originators who utilize CBCInnovis for their credit reporting needs will now be able to pull borrower credit directly within the Floify platform and have the report seamlessly delivered to the loan flow. Similar to Floify’s other credit integrations, CBCInnovis reports can be configured to be automatically ordered upon submission of a loan flow, as well as on a one-off basis from the loan flow.

Not only does this integration help loan teams by reducing the number of places that LOs or processors need to go for documentation, but it also helps maintain the integrity of the loan file.

When using Floify, loan teams can store all relevant documentation in a single, easy-to-access location.

UberWriter Income Analysis Software

uberwriter floify integration

What is the correct income for this borrower??? This is one of the most common questions that is asked on the mortgage origination process, but unfortunately one that is all too often answered incorrectly.

That’s where UberWriter comes in.

Their income analysis software allows your team to choose any income type including all self-employed borrowers, rental income, commissions, or grossing up income you need for your borrower. UberWriter then provides the correct requirements, calculations, and proper documentation of that calculation to close the borrower without fear of a recourse buyback due to errors in income calculation.

The integration between Floify and UberWriter makes it incredibly easy to access these services, without duplicate data entry. Initiated within the UberWriter interface, loan teams can import the borrower income data that has been sourced in Floify directly into the UberWriter system for analysis. Once the report has been generated the established connection lets teams push that document back into Floify, maintaining a single location for all documentation relevant to the loan file.

LendingQB LOS

lendingqb floify integration

Floify recently launched our LendingQB integration, which is available to Floify’s enterprise-level subscribers.

Customers who use LendingQB as their loan origination system and Floify as their point-of-sale platform are now enjoying several workflow enhancing features of the integration, including:

  • Automated loan file start in LQB, as well as traditional search-and-sync
  • 1003 loan application data import from Floify to LQB
  • Seamless document upload from Floify to LQB
  • LQB loan status synced to Floify milestones
  • … and much more!

The powerful combination of the two systems makes for a smooth and efficient flow of information between the front-end (Floify) and back-end (LQB) of your lending operations.


equifax floify integration

Floify has long integrated with Equifax’s The Work Number, as well as their Trended Credit*Hi-Lite product. But now we’ve made it even easier to access The Work Number’s employment and income verification services.

Via our expanded integration with MeridianLink (MCL), you can now order VOE and VOI reports through their network affiliates that have already been connected to Floify. The VOE/VOI reports are then created by The Work Number, and delivered back to the corresponding loan flow.

MCL affiliates include previously integrated credit reporting agencies CreditPlus, Credit Technologies, Sarma, Birchwood Credit Services, Advantage Credit, and Universal Credit Services.

You can read up on how to configure your Floify account to use this new connection by heading over to the Floify Knowledge Center.