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Floify Offers Progressive Web Apps for Loan Originators

Floify Offers Progressive Web Apps for Loan Originators

We’ve recently rolled out a new feature that continues our commitment to creating a smooth and powerful mobile borrowing experience for your clients, as well as offering loan originators another opportunity to further develop their brand.

If you are a Floify Business customer, this new update allows any of your borrowers or agents who use their phone or tablet to browse their Floify portal to install a branded “app” on their device – without any download.

When combined with our newly refreshed mobile borrower interface, homebuyers will create an effortless mobile point-of-sale experience that is quickly accessible via a single touch on their device.

What is a progressive web app?

A PWA functions just like a regular web page or site, but for your customers would look like a traditional native mobile app on their phone or tablet, complete with an icon and label they would click to launch.

However, they wouldn’t be required to download anything from the iOS or Google Play app stores.

This allows clients to access their Floify account in a single tap, without having to go through their mobile browser and type in the URL, to quickly check milestone status or snap photos to upload docs.

On Android-powered devices, borrowers can even agree to allow push notifications to their device to receive instant milestone communications without having to log in to the Floify app.

What is the value of a PWA?

For your borrowers, the value is simple. By adding your progressive web app to their mobile device, they gain quick and easy access to their mortgage point-of-sale. No hoops to jump through, no downloading from the app store. It’s a much more pleasant experience.

Even your referring agents will be able to take advantage of and enjoy this streamlined and mobile-responsive access point.

As a loan originator, this also provides you with another great branding opportunity. Floify’s PWA functionality supports a custom icon and app name, allowing you to craft exactly what you want your app to look like on your client’s phone.

The icon can be your headshot or your company’s logo – it’s up to you.

How does it work?

First, there is the matter of making sure your app is properly customized to display your desired branding.

As long as you are a Floify Business customer, you can navigate to your Settings to get started. Then, click on the Team Info settings tab. At the bottom of this screen, you should see the button to edit your PWA configuration.

Now it’s time to give your progressive web app a name and icon. Because of screen size constraints, you’ll need to keep your app name limited to 14 characters. For the best results, your icon file should be 512×512 pixels or larger. Once you’ve added a name and icon, you’re branded app is ready to be added by your borrowers.

How do borrowers use my app?

Glad you asked! It is a very simple process for clients to add your web app on both iOS and Android devices.

For iOS devices, your borrowers and agents will simply navigate to your Floify site in their Safari browser. Once there, they will be able to follow a few quick steps to add your app to their home screen:

The install process on Android devices is equally as simple. Once a client or partner has navigated to your Floify site in their browser, they can tap on the “3-Dot” settings menu and select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

It’s seriously that easy.