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Floify’s Refreshed Mobile Borrower Experience and Other Updates

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As part of our commitment to providing your borrowers with an easy-to-use, responsive, and fully functional mobile experience, Floify has recently undergone a massive facelift of the borrower’s mobile user interface.

Imagine you are a borrower.

Your loan officer starts a loan flow for you in Floify, includes relevant document requests, and checks the box to send an introductory SMS/text notification directly to your phone.

Now, when you click the link within that first needs-list text message you just received, the browser on your smartphone goes to work pulling up Floify.

This could be one of the first impressions your borrower will get of what it’s like to transact business with you digitally.

So we’ve made sure it’s a fantastic first impression.

floify mobile responsive borrower
floify mobile responsive borrower
floify mobile responsive borrower

This new mobile refresh provides all of the same functionality that borrowers have come to love when using Floify, but now delivered in a much more pleasing and responsive package. In addition to traditional functionality, we’ve included one of the most popular features from our iOS and Android mobile app, photo upload.

Borrowers can easily use the camera on their smartphone or tablet device to take photos of their documentation and upload it in response to your requests, all within their browser and requiring no app download.

Document Count in the Partner Portal’s R/Y/G Buckets

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened!

Floify’s Partner Portal now shows document counts in each of the red, yellow, and green document buckets, whether or not you grant your partners with the Makes Letters permissions. This change makes it easier to work with your referral partners and agents by allowing them to quickly gain some granular information about their clients’ loan status.

floify referral partner real estate agent portal

More Loan Data Types Available in Webhook Business Rules

We’re continuing to invest heavily in our Business Rule automation engine to give technical LOs and partners more (and more) options for integrating their favorite systems through conditional logic and webhooks.

Our newest addition is the inclusion of Loan Data “merge fields” to the Call Webhook Business Rule, granting the ability to quickly package and send loan metadata to other business systems.

floify call webhook business rules loan data

Infrastructure Upgrades

Floify has recently upgraded several API endpoints, such as our /start and /prospect endpoints, and added other new endpoints like /download-1003 and /download-1003-file

Apps and Integrations

SharperLending XpertOnline Credit Reporting

sharperlending xpertonline floify app store credit reporting

Similar to our other recent credit reporting app releases, such as Alliance 2020 and Credit Plus, the SharperLending XpertOnline app gives origination teams a powerful way to streamline the pulling of borrower credit history.

Once the app is installed, Floify customers using SharperLending for their credit reporting needs will be able to automate the pull of a borrower report upon the submission of a 1003 loan application, or simply order borrower credit history from within a loan flow via a one-off document request.

After a few seconds, the borrower’s credit history will be seamlessly delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding loan flow. This is a private document in Floify and will not be accessible to your borrowers.

sharperlending xpertonline floify app store credit reporting

Company Credit App Policy

This handy compliance feature allows companies to dictate the credit reporting apps that teams under their company dashboard would be eligible to use.

If you want to ensure that your company uses Credit Technologies and Clear Choice Credit, but no other services are allowed, you can now configure those options and restrictions in your Company Settings.