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Integrate BytePro LOS with Floify

Floify's integration with Byte Software allows for a seamless connection between the Byte Pro loan origination system (LOS) and the Floify mortgage point-of-sale (POS).

This integration is installed and configured at the Company level by Floify Enterprise customers, and provides several valuable sync points for use by origination teams:

  • Documents uploaded to Floify will be synced the loan folder within Byte
  • Byte loan files can be automatically created upon the start of a loan flow in Floify
  • Seamless importing of Fannie Mae 1003 loan data
  • One-way sync of milestones from Byte to Floify, and triggering of Floify-based automated email/SMS updates
  • Uploading of borrower electronic consent (eConsent) into Byte

About Byte Software

Since 1985 Byte Software has delighted its clients with innovative products that provide unprecedented control over the loan manufacturing process and enhance the customer experience. The BytePro platform is trusted by over a thousand banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers to efficiently move loans from application to secondary loan sale.

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