“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever

Floify.com announces new loan document organization capabilities, making it simple for lenders to find their loan documents fast. Today, Floify.com announced that it has new capabilities to perfectly organize any lender’s loan documents: Loan Dashboard: New “traffic light” metaphor aids in determining loan status at a glance Deadlines: New graphic labels indicate whether loan deadlines are approaching or overdue “Instead … Read More

Mortgage Brokers Use Secure Cloud Service to Collect and Process Mortgage Documentation from Borrowers

Mortgage brokers reduce delays while using less staff time to collect and process borrower loan documents, Floify.com announces today. Floify.com announced that its new cloud service is available today. Floify.com efficiently manages mortgage documentation and the loan document workflows of loan officers, loan coordinators, loan processors, and borrowers. Frequently Asked Questions about Floify.com: What is it? Floify.com is a secure … Read More