Floify’s API is open for mortgage tech developers

Floify’s API is open for mortgage tech developers

A little over a year ago, Floify Founder and CEO Dave Sims wrote an article for Inman.com in which he described the lack of open developer APIs in the mortgage tech space. (Dave does a great job of explaining the nuances of open vs closed APIs and the issues at hand in the article.)

What he said then is still true now, and the real loser here are the people on the ground in the mortgage industry.

Open developer APIs create better products for customers

Let’s be honest, there are things that Floify does that are AMAZING, but there are also things that just aren’t our strength. Fortunately, APIs facilitate the blending of best-of-breed solutions into one comprehensive solution.

For example, our eSignature integration is a great example of how open APIs can enhance mortgage tech and push the industry forward.

Two best-of-breed solutions in particular — DocuSign and Floify — have been integrated due to the existence of DocuSign’s open APIs. We were able to integrate DocuSign’s eSignature platform into Floify and combine the strengths of DocuSign with the strengths of Floify to create a better product for our customers.

This is how it should be.

Floify’s API is open to real estate and mortgage tech developers

We want to build an integrated platform for our customers so that they will get tremendous value.  Having an open API with documented REST API endpoints is one way we are inviting software developers in the mortgage and real estate space to integrate with Floify.

We provide free development accounts to folks that want to integrate or develop against the Floify API.

We document our REST API endpoints and would LOVE to create more as other use cases arise.  Currently we have:

  • Start a loan flow: A loan flow can be programmatically started from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Upload a 1003 to a loan flow: A Fannie Mae 1003 loan application, defined using the Fannie Mae 3.2 data file JSON schema, can be uploaded to a loan flow. (Super handy for web-based loan applications.)