Get the most out of your floify

Get the most out of your floify

Floify comes with a nice set of defaults, but much of the system can be customized

Did you know that ALL of the emails that floify sends to your borrowers and referral partners can be customized?  How about the milestones? Quick packs?

Some of these features require a trained hand. Thinking about making changes? Let us know what you want to do!

Check below for a list of the customizable features of floify.

The Floify Customization Checklist

First things first:

  • Email Signature & Company Logo: These are the first customizations that are made to your floify account. Our customer success team customizes your signature and logo during on-boarding.


  • Template Docs – Documents that have been uploaded into your Floify so that you can easily request them from borrowers. We recommend uploading all documents that you frequently request from your borrowers.
  • Doc Categories – Group your template docs into corresponding categories for quick organization. Floify starts with categories of income, assets, misc.
  • Quick Packs – Quick packs are pre-selected needs list items. If you are often requesting the same basic list of docs (depending on type of loan), you can benefit from the speed of a quick pack.

Email Templates:

  • Initial ‘Needs List’ – The first message sent to your borrowers after starting a loan flow, typically a welcoming message. The primary function is to direct your borrower to their portal.
  • Add Document Notice – Lets your borrowers know when there are new docs being requested, and direct them to their portal.
  • Reject Document Notice – Lets your borrower know when a submitted doc was rejected, the reason you gave, and directs them to their portal to upload the correct doc.
  • Deadline Notice – Floify starts with an adjustable doc deadline of 4 days after the start of the loan flow. After those 4 days, if docs are still owed an email goes to your borrowers to remind them to submit docs and directs them to their portal.
  • All Documents Accepted Notice – Lets your borrower know that everything they’ve submitted has been approved. The standard template also lets them know that additional docs could be requested.


  • Custom Milestones (up to 15) – Floify has a default set of 14 milestones that are generally applicable to the most people. Milestones can be customized to follow your workflow, up to 15.
  • Milestone Email Templates – Each milestone has an email template associated with it. These can be tailored to the milestone.