floify mortgage software update

New feature adds admin oversight, shared support, and team customizations

Company Dashboard goes live

Business and Enterprise level companies with multiple teams/branches will gain further oversight, support, and customization benefits from our new Company Dashboard feature.

  • Administrator Oversight: Company admins will now have the ability to oversee all manager accounts that fall under their company umbrella. Floify contains a large number of compliance-oriented configurations that are available at the Company-level, that can then be applied to all LOs for the lender. Similarly, Company Admins will gain control over a number of integrations allowing them to force all LOs to use, for example, a credit reporting agency of choice.
  • Unique Customizations: Individual LOs/Teams/Branches under the company umbrella will be able to have separate Floify accounts. Each Floify account has the capacity for unique customizations (email templates, milestones, quick packs, etc)
  • Shared Support Staff: Processors, coordinators, and other shared support staff will have the ability to switch between Floify accounts in order to support different LOs/Teams/Branches.