Overcoming Common Mortgage Document Management Challenges

Efficient mortgage document management requires close attention at a number of levels. For example, an important document that is lost or drags behind other documents can slow the whole process down, resulting in longer approval times and frustration all around. The following are some of the major challenges faced by both lenders and borrowers. At Floify, we have solutions. Accuracy … Read More

Streamlining the Loan Documentation Process

When someone decides to buy a home, whether it’s their first one or they’ve done it several times before, the loan documentation process can obviously be exhausting. The excitement of the potential purchase is often replaced with dread at the time-consuming drudgery of what can seem to be mountains of paperwork. But Floify recently unveiled a new feature that will … Read More

3 Common Mistakes Loan Originators Make that Cost Them Dearly

There are several mistakes loan originators make that can result in several major issues, killing the chances of further referrals. However, as damaging as these mistakes can be, they’re actually fairly easy to fix — all it takes is a little effort to improve organizational processes. Here are some of the more common problems along with their solutions. Communication Issues … Read More

Floify.com Accelerates Secure Mortgage Document Collection with a New Enterprise Customer and a New Software Release

Today Floify.com announced the acquisition of a new enterprise customer and a new software release for its secure mortgage document collection software-as-a-service. Today Floify.com has announced two significant new milestones with its secure mortgage document collection service: A high-producing Texas mortgage originator with a large staff signed an agreement with Floify.com to make the Floify software-as-a-service available to all its … Read More

Fannie Mae 1003 Mortgage Applications and 3.2 Data Files Now Supported by Mortgage Documentation Collector Floify

Mortgage brokers using Floify.com to collect and process mortgage documentation from borrowers can now collect a Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage application and create Fannie Mae 3.2 data files. Floify today announced Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage applications and 3.2 data files are now supported by its mortgage documentation collection cloud service. Floify not only collects paystubs and tax returns from borrowers … Read More

Floify now lets you customize your emails

More Email Templates! New Floify.com capabilities went live last night: Now you can create customizable email templates for three more standard emails: Add Document notice (sent when you add a new doc to a loan) Reject Document notice (when you reject a doc) Deadline notice (when borrowers are reminded to upload their missing docs) Now when you request new documents … Read More

How To Show Your Branding On Your Floify Website

You can easily run your Floify at a custom web address that shows only your branding. If your website is lendingteam.com, you can run your Floify at: lendingteam.floify.com Doing so shows all your branding to your borrowers and clients. Your name, your logo, your colors, etc. To do this, just follow these simple steps: Login to Floify and view your … Read More

Borrowers Hate Emailing Their Tax Returns

Email is insecure and borrowers know it. Most email is transmitted unencrypted, allowing hackers with access to any point between sender and receiver to steal email. Hackers especially love open WiFi networks. Borrowers don’t want the most private details about their lives to be seen by others or captured by identity thieves. Very understandingly, they prefer not to email you … Read More

“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever

Floify.com announces new loan document organization capabilities, making it simple for lenders to find their loan documents fast. Today, Floify.com announced that it has new capabilities to perfectly organize any lender’s loan documents: Loan Dashboard: New “traffic light” metaphor aids in determining loan status at a glance Deadlines: New graphic labels indicate whether loan deadlines are approaching or overdue “Instead … Read More

Mortgage Brokers Use Secure Cloud Service to Collect and Process Mortgage Documentation from Borrowers

Mortgage brokers reduce delays while using less staff time to collect and process borrower loan documents, Floify.com announces today. Floify.com announced that its new cloud service is available today. Floify.com efficiently manages mortgage documentation and the loan document workflows of loan officers, loan coordinators, loan processors, and borrowers. Frequently Asked Questions about Floify.com: What is it? Floify.com is a secure … Read More