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What Do Top Loan Officers Look for in a Mortgage Company?

The greatest differentiator between mortgage companies is how well they recruit and retain superior talent. Research from the STRATMOR Group has shown that the top 20% of loan officers account for 57% of total loan volume, with the top 40% of originators bringing in 80% of total loan volume.

A purchase-oriented environment is where top loan officers prove their worth, as the relationships and reputation they've built up over years become critical to filling their pipeline. Freddie Mac projects refinance volume will fall 41% in 2017, and purchase origination will rise by 15%. To capitalize on this trend, mortgage lenders need to recruit as many self-producing loan officers as possible, and to keep them away from competitors through a retention strategy. 

loan officer recruitment retention study

2016 Loan Officer Recruitment and Retention Study

For a mortgage lender to succeed with a recruiting and retention strategy, it is important for them to understand what offerings drive loan officer success. This is what Floify's 2016 Loan Officer Recruiting and Retention Study, to be published in the coming weeks, will uncover. How satisfied are loan officers with their current companies and how does technology, systems, culture, coaching, and compensation drive their decision to stay or leave a lender? This study is the industry's most recent analysis of the benefits and challenges that drive loan officer satisfaction and success.

If you are a loan originator, you are invited to contribute your voice to the research underway, compare your opinion to your industry peers, and be quoted as an authority in the published results. Estimated completion time is 3 minutes and responses are reported anonymously. Take the survey now to be one of the first to receive the published results.