Customizing your needs-list email for max effectiveness

Customizing your needs-list email for max effectiveness

Needs-list email suggestions and samples

For many of our customers, this automated email is the first introduction their borrower will get to the secure portal where they will be uploading their personal documentation.

This email can be crucial in order to ensure a smooth, and quick, process.

The big question: what exactly are we trying to accomplish with this message?

  • Welcome and thank the borrower for their business
  • Introduce the borrower to their secure portal to upload their documents
  • Provide some simple instruction on how the borrower will login to the portal
  • Provide the link for the borrower to get to the portal

This is what the Floify standard needs-list email looks like when not customized:

This email checks off our core objectives, but it is meant to be a base that can work for anyone using Floify.

We’ve seen loan originators go in many different directions with this email. Some like to keep it short and simple, others like to add some flair. What do we see? Good question.

Short and sweet

More instructive

Using buttons to catch the eye + list of docs owed

The video message

No matter your style, there are a few golden rules that any template should follow:

  • ALWAYS make sure the link to your portal sticks out. Whether you use a button, or add color/bold styles, make sure it’s easy for your borrower to find.
  • We like to make sure the word “secure” is used in reference to the borrower portal. Your borrowers should know that you are taking great care to protect their personal data.
  • Don’t forget the subject line! “Start uploading your loan documents!” or “Thank you for entrusting us with your loan!” are solid starting points.

Some of the features of the template, like adding in the codes for the personal note or docs owed, can be a bit more complicated. Let our customer success team know if you need help making template changes! Email Floify Customer Success