3 ways to improve your mortgage website

3 ways to improve your mortgage website

With borrowers becoming more and more digitally inclined, a well designed mortgage website with easy-to-use tools and lead capture devices is an absolute must. After you’ve got those pieces in line, use these website tips to take your personal mortgage brand to the next level, build trust with your clients, and stand out from the crowd.

Use a branded domain to strengthen your mortgage website appeal

Quick question: Which looks better? floifymtg.com or floify.mortgage?

New domains (ex: .com, .org, .ninja) are coming to the interwebs all the time. There are even top level domains that are specifically geared towards mortgage originators and companies, such as:

  • .mortgage (currently $37/yr on namecheap.com)
  • .loans (currently $79/yr on namecheap.com)
  • .loan (currently $26/yr on namecheap.com)

These new domains give you the opportunity to brand your website to tell people exactly what you do AND there’s a much better chance of getting the web address you want without having to settle for “close enough”.

We eat our own dogfood —->  https://floify.mortgage

Build trust, boost SEO, and secure your site with https

Hopefully, when you go to your website, you see something like this:

To be completely technical, https is the french term for “secure” (not really).  To be completely non-technical, https provides a secure connection to protect both your website integrity, and the privacy and security of the people that visit it.

You don’t have to take our word for it, but we’re guessing you would believe Google.

A simple check of the page security using your web browser reveals the contrast between sites that utilize https, and those that use http:

Side benefit to https?

Google loves security and wants to direct their users to the most secure sites. Your site SEO (search engine optimization) will get a small preferential boost in search rankings for using https.

Stand out from the crowd and show off your mortgage tech

So you’ve invested in all of this great technology to improve your borrower’s experience, but do potential customers even know what you have to offer?

Your borrowers want to be told the story of their mortgage before it’s happened, or better yet SHOWN the story. How will it go? What do I need? How do we get there?

One company crushing the digital storytelling right now is Guaranteed Rate:

They chose a video to get their message out, but a well-positioned blog post or infographic can work as well.

Implement any of these tips to take your mortgage website to the next level.