Conveniently Order Credit, VOA, VOE, and VOI via MeridianLink Affiliated Agencies

Conveniently Order Credit, VOA, VOE, and VOI via MeridianLink Affiliated Agencies

Floify supports integration with 50+ credit reporting agencies through various direct and networked CRA connections.

Some of the most well-known and heavily used credit agencies amongst those integrated with the platform are also affiliated with MeridianLink’s Mortgage Credit Link (MCL) solution, including:

But quickly pulling borrower credit reports is not the only value that loan originators can receive from this relationship.

Through their association with MeridianLink, these CRAs also provide simplified and streamlined access to verifications of assets/deposits (VOA), income (VOI), and employment (VOE) through existing partnerships with vendors AccountChek™ and Equifax The Work Number®.

Floify enables this capability through a special MeridianLink configuration.

floify meridianlink verification settings

Once enabled, loan origination teams will have the ability to order these verification services for any borrower – directly from the add new doc screen of the loan flow – and have the corresponding reports delivered seamlessly back into the client’s loan flow.

Furthermore, the MeridianLink VOA integration can be set to work automatically with Floify’s 1003 loan application.

When the integration is configured in this way, the AccountChek verification process is triggered when a prospect submits a loan application and includes their social security number.

floify meridianlink verification settings

All of these powerful capabilities, including the easiest method for pulling borrower credit, are conveniently accessed through the LOs account with their CRA provider, meaning only one set of login credentials is required to leverage these integrations in your mortgage workflow.

For more technical information on setting up and utilizing the MeridianLink verifications integration, please see the Floify Help Center.

Don’t use a MeridianLink-affiliated CRA?

Floify also has direct integrations with AccountChek and Equifax The Work Number that can be accessed via an existing account with those providers.