Credit Technology, Inc.

Seamlessly Integrated Credit Reporting

Floify's integration with the Credit Technology, Inc. (CTI) reporting solution enables loan originators to quickly and easily get validated applicant credit information directly within Floify by leveraging the originator's existing Credit Technology, Inc. account.

Setting up the integration in Floify requires just a single-click to enable, and then the originator's Credit Technology, Inc. account credentials are entered, and subsequently stored for future use, on the report order form.

Once the integration setup is complete, a credit pull can be initiated on-demand from a Floify loan flow. Additionally, loan teams can configure the integration to automatically pull a borrower's hard or soft credit report upon the submission of a Floify 1003 loan application.

The Credit Technology, Inc. integration takes advantage of Floify's built-in credit authorization functionality, which empowers borrowers to digitally submit their consent to originators in just a few clicks.

After credit has been ordered, the full report will be delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding Floify loan flow within moments and is viewable only to the loan originator and lending team for processing.


About Credit Technology, Inc.

Credit Technology, Inc., (CTI) is a full service credit-reporting agency dedicated to providing fast, courteous, and accurate service to the financial services industry for the past 15 years, our company has offered a wide range of features that will serve you to enhance the earning potential of your company with a wide range of competitive price ranges to meet every customers’ needs.

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