AccountChek™ by FormFree

Floify's integration with Day 1 Certainty-approved digital asset verification provider AccountChek™ by FormFree allows lenders and originators to order and receive borrower asset reports within Floify by connecting their existing AccountChek account.

Once integrated with Floify, AccountChek can be configured to automatically trigger a request upon the conversion of a prospect into a loan flow, or ordered manually on a one-off basis from the corresponding loan flow.

Once an AccountChek request is initiated, borrowers will be asked to select their financial institution and enter their login credentials. The full report will then be seamlessly delivered to the loan flow.

About FormFree

Leading lenders trust Atlanta-based FormFree to deliver automated verification solutions that streamline the loan origination process and provide better intelligence on borrowers’ ability to repay. FormFree’s flagship app, AccountChek™, eliminates the hassle of collecting paper statements from borrowers by using direct-access data untouched by human hands to consolidate, analyze and verify assets. Lender tested and GSE approved, AccountChek securely delivers automated asset verification data and on-demand reports to more than 350 leading U.S. lenders and their millions of customers.