Mortgage Point-of-Sale: What Is It, and Why You Should Have One

Mortgage Point-of-Sale: What Is It, and Why You Should Have One

With the ongoing rise in the cost to originate a mortgage, the mortgage industry is progressively exploring systems that can enhance efficiency, improve per-loan-originated margins, and expand market share through solutions that appeal to a digitally savvy borrower. The solution resides in an emerging segment of mortgage technology: mortgage point of sale lending software, often referred to as mortgage sale or, simply, mortgage POS

Every loan officer understands the role a Mortgage Loan Origination System (LOS) plays as a back-end fulfillment center. Likewise, an efficient mortgage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system aids in organizing customer data and structuring sales and marketing activities.

However, by integrating a state-of-the-art mortgage point of sale into their workflow, loan officers can expedite the point of sale loan cycle by several days and cut down overhead closing costs by boosting the daily output of their back-office staff. All this while offering homebuyers a more streamlined, transparent, and tech-empowered process when securing a loan.

Mortgage Point-of-Sale Software

The mortgage point-of-sale software is the mortgage system in mortgage professionals  software stack that interfaces with clients during the loan origination process. When borrowers refer to a "borrower portal", "mortgage portal", or "client portal", they're essentially discussing the front end of the mortgage point of sale system. In essence, mortgage point-of-sale software equips borrowers with digital tools for dealing with loan officers while enabling them to automate and optimize their back-office processes for efficient loan origination.

The Rationale Behind Mortgage POS Adoption

The question arises: why do loan officers need a mortgage point of sale? The industry has a clear trajectory towards adopting mortgage point-of-sale systems to deliver a borrowing experience that meets modern expectations. The need for this software is quickly becoming a standard requirement in the current climate.

Changing demographics of homebuyers, the growing emphasis on mobile-friendly platforms, and the business virtues of mortgage software all affirm the necessity of this type of software.

Mortgage POS Adoption by Major Players

If you're seeking more evidence financial institutions and other view that mortgage point-of-sale software is a critical part of a modern mortgage lending process and consumer borrowing experience. Consider how major banks and credit unions like Wells Fargo, Chase, and US Bancorp are signing deals with tech partners to provide such a service. Nonbank lenders like Bay Equity, Movement Mortgage, and Guild Mortgage are also forming alliances to launch their mortgage point-of-sale systems.

Quicken Loans? They've gained their reputation by being one of the first to offer a mortgage point-of-sale system that digital-native borrowers sought.

Core Elements of Modern Mortgage POS Software

Successful implementation of a mortgage POS system requires understanding its core components. Here are the elements that a modern mortgage point-of-sale software should include:

  • Secure Digital Borrower Portal: A user-friendly interface where borrowers can easily apply for loans, upload necessary documents, and track their application's progress.
  • 1003 Loan Application: An integrated loan application system simplifies the application process, making it easier for borrowers to complete and submit their forms.
  • Automated Loan Communications: Automated updates and reminders keep borrowers informed about their loan status, improving communication and transparency.
  • Mobile Apps and/or Responsive Design: Access is key in today's digital world. Your POS software should be easy to use on any device, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Referral Partner Management: Building and maintaining relationships with referral partners can be much easier with built-in CRM functionalities.
  • Integrations with Industry-Standard Solutions: The best mortgage POS systems seamlessly integrate with other software solutions used in the mortgage industry.
  • Pipeline Management and Oversight: Track and manage every step of the loan process in one place.
  • Compliance Controls and Configurations: Stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations.
  • Branding Customizations: Make the software your own by customizing it to match your brand.
  • eSignature Capabilities: Speed up the loan process by allowing borrowers to sign documents digitally.

These elements combine to create a comprehensive solution that caters to modern borrowers and improves the overall efficiency of the loan process.

Embracing the mortgage point-of-sale software is a step towards a more streamlined, efficient, and borrower-friendly future for loan officers and mortgage lenders.

Enhancing Loan Officer's Productivity with Mortgage POS

Today's digital-savvy borrowers want a seamless, efficient, and transparent loan process. And this is exactly what a mortgage POS delivers. But beyond providing an improved borrower experience, a mortgage point-of-sale system can significantly enhance loan officers' workflow and productivity.

With a feature-rich mortgage POS, loan officers can automate several processes that typically consume much of their time. From managing loan applications to tracking the progress of each loan, a mortgage POS simplifies many routine tasks. This allows loan officers to focus more on providing exceptional service to borrowers and less on managing paperwork and manual processes.

Choosing the Right Mortgage Point-of-Sale Solution

While adopting a mortgage POS is important, choosing the right solution is even more crucial. Different solutions offer various features and benefits, so it's vital to evaluate your options carefully.

 Here are some factors to consider when selecting a mortgage point-of-sale system:

  • Integrations: Does the solution integrate with the other software systems you're already using? Seamless integration is crucial to ensure data consistency and process efficiency.
  • Security: Given the sensitive nature of the data involved in the lending process, security should be a top priority. Make sure the solution complies with all relevant data protection regulations.
  • Customizability: Can you tailor the solution to your unique needs? The best mortgage POS systems allow you to customize features to fit your specific business requirements.
  • Usability: Is the solution easy for you and your borrowers? A user-friendly interface can significantly enhance the borrower experience and increase loan officer productivity.

The mortgage industry is increasingly digitized, and adopting a mortgage point-of-sale system is necessary for any loan officer wanting to stay competitive. With the ability to streamline loan processes, enhance borrower experiences, and improve operational efficiency, mortgage POS systems are becoming a non-negotiable asset in the lending industry.

Whether you're a seasoned loan officer or new to the industry, integrating a mortgage POS into your operations can offer significant benefits. Stay caught up in this digital revolution - start exploring the potential of mortgage point-of-sale software today.