Top Mortgage CRM Software Review

Mortgage industry-specific solutions now the norm

A good mortgage CRM is a critical piece of software for a loan officer and their team. It keeps their prospects, customers, referral partners, and other contacts all organized in a central location. Having a system that fits your needs and process can be a huge benefit, and today, there are a number of CRMs being developed specifically to fit the needs of mortgage professionals.

Gone are the days of a simple customer database. These solutions are stepping up their game with a whole lot of marketing-oriented features.

For the mortgage lending industry, there are a number of available mortgage CRM systems that are growing in popularity. We took a look at some of the most popular systems in use today, what their key benefits are, and how they compare to each other.


Jungo is a hot item right now in the mortgage industry. The application builds on the popular Salesforce CRM to create a mortgage-specific solution. What this means is that you are actually utilizing Salesforce as your CRM, but the addition of Jungo “apps” or modules, allows you to add the mortgage-specific functionality that you would want.

For a loan officer or team, this would require the Mortgage App. If you want to integrate Jungo with your LOS, you would also need the LOS Sync App. If you want to pull lead information from sites like Zillow, Trulia,, you would want to purchase the Leads App as well. This adds a bit more complication than it would to purchase a standalone CRM, but there are a lot of options for customization that have made Salesforce so popular.

Jungo’s major features include:

  • Automated marketing campaigns – hundreds of mortgage email templates
  • Create custom workflows
    • Office tasks and reminders based on workflow
    • Customize marketing campaigns for each loan scenario
  • Referral partner relationship tracking, evaluation, and reporting
  • Integrations with email, social media, Google Apps, and Mortgage Coach EDGE

Bottom line: Jungo isn’t for the faint of heart. Due to the setup process with Salesforce, Jungo’s modules and customizable workflows can take some time to get used to. However, with a powerful feature set and integrations, Jungo packs a punch for the intrepid loan officer or mortgage lender.

Top of Mind Surefire

Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM has been around for over a decade and carries a lot of name recognition in the mortgage industry. Surefire has a base level of features available to any customer, with additional features being added as teams grow in size and price plan.

The biggest piece missing for individual loan officer’s and/or smaller mortgage teams is the lack of LOS integration. Top of Mind is one of the rare vendors in this CRM space that openly list their pricing – which we commend – and it’s not cheap ($150/user/month). On top of the high price tag, once you hit the plan level necessary for the LOS integration, there is an additional cost to build the integration.

Surefire’s base-level features include:

  • Automated email marketing:
    • Hundreds of email templates
    • Segment lists to deliver personalized material to the right people
  • Online 1003 lead generator
  • In-process videos when loan milestones are reached (can’t be automated without LOS integration)
  • Post-close mail (additional cost) and email campaigns
  • Co-branded marketing with referral partners
  • Database monitoring and alerts – know when a client lists their home, etc.

Bottom line: With a high price-point and no LOS integration for individuals and small teams, Surefire is the type of solution that makes the most sense for Enterprise clients. Features are comparable, with the online 1003 being a nice addition, though this mortgage CRM lacks the pipeline analytics and reporting that is present in other alternatives.

Mortgage Returns

Ellie Mae’s Encompass LOS may be one of the leading pieces of software in the mortgage space, but their first CRM acquisition didn’t go very well by any standard. After the failing of MortgageCEO CRM, Ellie Mae was back at it again with the acquisition of Mortgage Returns in late 2015.

The big advantage of this mortgage CRM is because it’s LOS integrated – particularly with Encompass, but available with Calyx, Byte and others – and Ellie Mae’s experience with mortgage compliance.

Mortgage Returns feature set includes:

  • LOS integration – ensure data accuracy and compliance
  • 1:1 Personalized automated marketing:
    • Customizable drip marketing campaigns sent to prospects, clients, referral partners based on their individual situation
    • Automated post-close surveys
    • Access an extensive library of mortgage specific email, e-newsletter, and video templates
  • Automated loan milestone notifications
  • Loan analysis, market comparison, and recommended actions

Bottom line: Mortgage Returns has the backing of mortgage behemoth Ellie Mae and integrates easily into Encompass and other leading loan origination systems. Mortgage Returns is a solid, no-frills CRM that gives you core functionality, but not much in the way of cutting-edge technology.


Whiteboard is the new kid on the block of mortgage CRMs, claiming to have been developed with input from some top producing loan officers. This mortgage CRM does list their pricing, which comes in at a much lower introductory level than that of Surefire, with plans starting at $75 per user/month.

One of the major downsides with this mortgage CRM is that because it’s relatively new, Whiteboard does not currently market any LOS integrations. It utilizes “playbooks” to automate marketing campaigns and deliver daily tasks to a centralized dashboard. Simply load up your customer information, select a playbook, and the CRM takes over.

Whiteboard’s feature list includes:

  • Automated marketing powered by The Mortgage Playbook™
  • Robust reporting and analytics via a centralized dashboard
  • Custom forms that can be used for lead capture
  • Daily critical tasks based on playbooks are delivered to the dashboard
  • Call prompts with battle-tested scripts

Bottom line: Whiteboard doesn’t pack a big feature set and has exactly zero integrations with leading industry software. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost, low-barrier solution that uses modern analytics to handle your front-end marketing, Whiteboard may be a good fit.

Velocify LoanEngage

Velocify claims that it’s LoanEngage CRM was tailor-built for the retail mortgage industry. During our comparison, we found that LoanEngage seemed to be targeting Enterprise level customers, although they market no integrations. The big differentiator with LoanEngage is that they include a fully-functional autodialer when you purchase an upgraded plan.

With that being said, Velocify does not advertise pricing, and without having that benchmark, it’s hard to say that it’s not a good entry-level mortgage CRM.

LoanEngage’s features include:

  • Centralized dashboard with reporting functionality – including partnership analysis
  • Automated email and milestone marketing
  • Automated borrower and partner communications – updates and notifications
  • Co-branded marketing with referral partners
  • Personalized, visual loan scenario presentations
  • Intelligent sales workflow presents prioritized tasks and lifecycle reminders
  • Rate watch

Bottom line: Much of the LoanEngage marketing material targets corporate level needs and wants, with corporate-approved messaging being a big driver. Basic marketing functionality and reporting is present. It’s hard to develop a complete opinion on this system without knowing the cost. This mortgage CRM represents the most unknowns from afar.

What did we learn about mortgage CRMs?

There are MANY CRMs out there that claim to be for the mortgage industry. We only took a look at what we saw as five of the most popular, or up-and-coming, systems.

What we found is that there’s no clear-cut leader in this field. Depending on need and cost sensitivity, these systems present different fits for each individual. Jungo may be the most powerful, but it’s also the most complicated. Whiteboard may be the newest, but it’s also relatively cheap and would work well for an individual loan officer. The others have their own situational fits as well.

Shop smart, try to see as many demos as you can based on your time availability. With the setup and data migration involved in putting a new mortgage CRM in place, it’s not the type of process you would want to repeat in short order.

Floify Plays Well With Your Mortgage CRM

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