Automate Borrower and Agent Communications


Good communication is the foundation to any successful business relationship or partnership.

But communicating well to borrowers and loan stakeholders shouldn't have to require a significant portion of your time. Time you could, and should, be spending on activities that generate revenue for your business.

Floify is chock full of automated communication solutions that are easily customized to provide all of the information that your borrowers, referring agents, and other loan stakeholders could want, when they want it.

mortgage loan milestone status

Milestone Updates

Utilize Floify's customizable loan milestones to craft a set of indicators that match your lending process, step-by-step.

Flexible and configurable email templates give you a quick yet powerful method to keep the updates flowing to borrowers, agents, and any other loan stakeholder.

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mortgage loan milestone update

Deadlines and Notifications

Floify's template-based automated email and SMS notification system keeps your borrowers alert to changes in documentation requirements.

Combined with flexible deadline configurations, Floify keeps borrowers on-task and accountable with gentle reminders so that you can keep their file moving forward.

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Agents and Stakeholders

Tighten referral relationships and keep your real estate agents fully informed throughout the loan process by including them on any notifications and updates.

Build your competitive differentiation by giving partners a portal to view status of any loans their clients have with you and generate custom pre-approval letters.

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mortgage office communication collaboration log

Office Collaboration

Floify comes packed with features that ensure everyone in your office knows the current status of a loan.

A flow's Audit Log gives lending teams full transparency to the actions taken on a loan file, and flow Notes make peer-to-peer communication in the back office a breeze. When teams really want to dial it in, they can leverage custom fields and layouts to display checklists, files, and more.

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