Managing How, or When, Floify Sends Notifications to Borrowers

Managing How, or When, Floify Sends Notifications to Borrowers

A core automation of the Floify platform involves the system-generated notifications that are sent to borrowers that help keep them accountable, informed, and actively participating in their loan.

The six automatic system notifications include:

Not only do these notifications use fully-customizable email and SMS/text templates, but they can also be configured to more appropriately fit the workflow of the origination team and the experience they’ve envisioned for their borrower.

Floify users can change the way these notifications send, or even if they are sent at all.

Users with the proper permission levels can access and edit the notification configurations by navigating to the Email tab of their team-level Settings.

Needs List

delay the borrower loan flow invitation

What it does: When loan flows are created, the needs list email/text is required in order to allow the borrower to set their password and access the portal.

How it can be configured: While the needs list notification is 100% necessary for your clients to be able to access their loan flow, Floify supports workflows in which there is a manually triggered delay between flow creation and the sending of the needs list invitation.

This can be accomplished during the flow creation process by checking the box to “Delay Borrower Loan Flow Access”. Once the flow has been created, you can then trigger the needs list notification at any time.

Add Document Notice

Add new document notice settings

What it does: Floify can automatically notify borrowers when new documentation requests are added to their loan flow. Floify will wait for 15 minutes after a document request is added to the loan flow prior to sending the Add Document Notice. This 15-minute timer resets each time a request is added. This gives origination teams a window to add multiple new requests to the loan flow while only sending one notification to the clients.

How it can be configured: There are a few different ways to configure the Add Document Notice, depending on your individual workflow and needs. The first is to use the system’s default setting, which will batch new requests and send a notification 15 minutes after the last request is added to a loan flow as described above.

The advanced options give origination teams the ability to either completely disable the notice for all loan flows or to send the notice on-demand.

With the on-demand option selected, the Add Document Notice will only send when manually triggered. This is done from the Loan Pipeline where a “paper airplane” action icon (see above) will appear on any loan flows that have a pending Add Document Notice.

Reject Document Notice

reject document notice setting

What it does: When uploaded borrower documentation is incorrect or does not meet quality standards, the origination team may reject (or simultaneously reject/accept) the item in question. When this happens, Floify will automatically notify the borrower that a document they uploaded was not accepted, optionally provide the reason for the rejection, and then direct the borrower to their loan flow in order to respond to the newly re-opened document request.

Similarly to the Add Document Notice, Floify will wait for 15 minutes after the most recent rejected document prior to sending the notice. The window is reset each time a pending document is rejected. This gives origination teams the ability to reject multiple documents that will then trigger only a single notification to the borrowers.

How it can be configured: There are several options for origination teams to access when considering how the Reject Document Notice fits in their processes and vision for the borrower’s experience. The default setting follows the behavior described above, or the notice can be completely disabled for all loan flows.

The third possible configuration allows the origination team to exclude the Reject Reason from the notice, but otherwise will send with the same cadence as the default setting.

All Docs Accepted Notice

all documents accepted settings

What it does: When a borrower has responded to all requests for documentation, and the uploaded documents have allbeen approved by the origination team, Floify will notify the borrower that there are no further documentation needs at this time.

Because new document requests can still be added to the loan flow later, this notice may be triggered again under those conditions.

How it can be configured: The All Docs Accepted notice may be disabled completely. This is particularly useful if the origination team has set up a milestone that represents this step in their process.

Deadline Notice

deadline notice settings

What it does: Floify loan flows operate with a deadline for borrowers to submit their documentation in order to promote faster submissions and turn times. Borrowers will receive a deadline reminder if they have outstanding document requests remaining in their loan flow. The cadence of these deadline reminders is determined by your settings.

How it can be configured: The Deadline Notice can be deeply customized for your process, or optionally disabled for all loan flows.

By accessing the advanced settings under the Milestone tab of the team-level settings, origination teams have a multitude of options when configuring the deadline, including:

• Length of the initial deadline for your loan flows.

• The time of day that the notice will send.

• How often the reminder will be sent, both before and after the deadline has passed.

• Blackout specific days of the week, holidays, or custom dates where the notice will not send.

floify deadline reminder cadence configuration

Idle Application Notification

idle application notification settings

What it does: When a prospect begins but doesn’t finish your loan application, Floify will send periodic reminders to the prospect advising them to return and complete their application.

How it can be configured: The Idle Application Notice can be completely disabled for all loan flows and prospect files.

For origination teams using the Idle Application Notice, the cadence can be deeply configured similar to the Deadline Notice. The advanced settings can be found under the Apply Now tab of the team-level Settings. From there, teams can configure:

• How many days after the application is abandoned before the reminder is sent.

• The cadence at which further reminders are sent, including the time of day.

• The total number of reminders that will be sent.

• Blackout days of the week, holidays, and/or custom dates when the reminder will not be sent.