Elevating the Borrowing Experience With Floify’s Customizable Email Templates

Elevating the Borrowing Experience With Floify’s Customizable Email Templates

The Floify system sends borrowers, referral partners, and loan team members 6 different automated email notifications to keep stakeholders informed and accountable, and also up to 14 unique loan milestones to maintain transparency throughout the loan origination process.

Each of these notifications or milestone status updates is backed by a fully-customizable email template that allows originators to have full influence over the messaging leaving the system.

Given that a single borrower or prospect may receive dozens of system-generated notifications while navigating their financing journey, many of which will also tie-in referral partners, extra care should be paid to how to best leverage these automated communications in order to create the best possible experience for your borrowers.

An experience that removes friction from the process, keeps borrowers accountable to themselves, and provides the information and transparency that they crave and that is most often associated with a positive business relationship.

And today, the borrower’s experience is everything.

Because if you believe Garth Graham of STRATMOR GROUP, digital is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s table stakes.

The best lenders and originators are earning repeat and referral business by differentiating themselves based on how smooth their process is, how transparent their process is, and how valued their clients and partners feel.

With Floify, you’re not bound to the default email templates that are included with the system out-of-the-box. You can get creative, really think contextually about what information a borrower would want at what times, and then deliver it in a neatly designed package that is simple and clear in it’s presentation.

What Can You Do with Floify’s Customizable Email Templates?

Floify’s built-in HTML editor provides tons of flexibility for how you decide to go about designing and laying out your notification templates.

When thinking about the direction your communication strategy should take, it is important to ask yourself these two borrower-focused questions before making any changes:

  1. Does this simplify or make things easier for my borrower? (Remove friction)
  2. Am I providing timely information and guiding my borrowers through this process? (Improve transparency)

If the proposed strategy checks the “yes” category for those questions, it’s very likely a positive change for your processes.

So what exactly are the capabilities of the customizable templates? What can you do?

You could keep it simple, and tweak the template to emphasize your brand and make the links and instructions more intuitive.

You can create bold banners and headlines, and use Floify’s merge fields and formatting tags to bring all sorts of borrower or lender data into your templates.

You’ll be able to easily tailor your email communications so that even an automated message makes your borrowers and partners feel special and connected to the process.

Merge fields, such as the borrower’s first name, can even be implemented within the email’s subject line to add open-rate-boosting personalization to your emails.

If you’re the type of mortgage professional that has embraced the usage of video content for your clients, you can embed images that link to your hosted video content to provide a rich and informative update experience.

Or combine any/all of these elements to design the communications strategy that your clients and partners crave!

Now that you’ve started dreaming about the engaging and informative email templates you want to draft, you may want to familiarize yourself with the essential building blocks of the templates.

The Basic Elements of Floify’s Customizable Email Templates

HTML Editor

The HTML editor provides simple rich text editing capabilities for Floify users as they design and build out their email templates.

Users can embed images, change font sizes, weights, and colors with the familiar user interface, or go even deeper by implementing custom HTML and inline styling by switching to the editor’s code view.

(Note: the visual HTML editor is not present when editing milestone email templates, however custom HTML can be added directly to the template’s email body to achieve the same results.)

Merge Fields

Merge fields allow users to pull data into the email template from several touchpoints within the Floify system, including the user’s profile, the loan flow corresponding to the notification, or the system’s UI in the case of a field such as the PersonalNote.

By utilizing merge fields in your templates, you can create more personalized messaging for your borrowers and partners while also crafting dynamic templates that don’t require an update when a piece of system info changes (such as your phone number).

Formatting Tags

The inclusion of formatting tags within your email templates is yet another way to structure your messaging with dynamic elements.

As in the example above, you can use formatting tags to create simple “if” statements that will only display a merge field when there is data present within that merge field (and displays nothing if the field is empty).

Formatting tags are also useful for creating lists of loan flow specific documents within your notifications. For example, you could choose to include an initial list of docs requested in your welcome email, or remind borrowers of exactly what docs are still outstanding in your deadline reminder.

Email Signature

With Floify, all of the automated email notifications that leave the system will include the custom HTML email signature of the loan flow owner.