Access CIS, Informative Research, and SettlementOne Credit Reporting via Floify’s Massive Integration Library

Loan originators using the Floify platform have long enjoyed the platform’s document management capabilities to keep their loan files organized and centralized in one location.

In just a few minutes, LOs and processors can analyze their entire in-process pipeline and immediately know exactly which files have outstanding conditions, and what those conditions are.

But not all documents necessary for the file can be sourced via the mortgage borrower. Some items, such as credit reports and tax transcripts, will still need to be ordered through approved vendors or agencies.

Today, we’re excited to announce three new integrations with credit reporting agencies that make it incredibly easy for loan origination teams to pull and receive a prospect’s tri-merged credit reports – all from within Floify.

With Floify, loan originators are able to first collect a prospect’s eConsent and Credit Authorization in just a few clicks, through the system’s built-in capabilities.

Once a prospect has authorized the credit pull, the LO can configure their Floify to automatically retrieve credit reports when they convert a prospect loan application into a live loan flow, or the LO has the option to quickly order credit from the Add New Doc screen of any in-progress flow.

Full, tri-merged reports are delivered back to the loan flow in seconds.


CIS is a nationwide, independent mortgage credit and settlement services provider. Leading the industry in service, CIS delivers integrated solutions including Credit, 4506T/TRV, VOD, VOE, Fraud, Identity Verification, Undisclosed Debt Notifications, Flood Certificates, and more. 

In addition to credit reporting, the integration also leverages CIS’s partnership with MeridianLink’s Mortage Credit Link (MCL) solution to allow streamlined access to verification of assets services (fulfilled via AccountChek™) as well as verifications of income and employment (fulfilled via Equifax The Work Number®).

Informative Research

Informative Research is a fintech leader that offers lenders a wide range of solutions for each step in the loan cycle. Some of their solutions include the TriMerge Credit Report, Trended Credit Data, CreditXpert Solutions Suite, Flood Certifications, 4506-Ts, and their cost-effective SoftQual solution – which can save lenders up to 70% on credit report spend and helps prevent leads from getting poached.


SettlementOne is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of mortgage data and appraisal services. SettlementOne provides financial institutions and consumers with secure, efficient and cost-effective solutions that streamline the mortgage origination and lending process.

SettlementOne has also partnered with MeridianLink’s Mortage Credit Link (MCL) solution and this integration allows originators to tap into that network to access verification of assets services (fulfilled via AccountChek™) as well as verifications of income and employment (fulfilled via Equifax The Work Number®).

By utilizing any of Floify’s 17 CRA app integrations, which together provide access to over three dozen different credit vendors, LOs not only eliminate one more “always-open” tab in their web browser but they also further the benefits received from centralizing all loan documentation in one location.

Floify’s credit integrations leverage the originator’s existing account at the vendor, have no hidden or additional costs to use the integration, and keep the borrower’s credit report private to only the loan origination team.

If you’re ordering credit from one of Floify’s integrated CRAs, there is only extra value to be gained from accessing the service through Floify.