How to Generate More Mortgage Leads from Referral Partners

Referrals are the lifeblood of the mortgage originator. Having real estate agents and other trusted partners sending you mortgage leads is one of the best ways to keep your pipeline full. We’ve spoken with some big producers about how they go about acquiring new referring partners, as well as the steps they take to activate those relationships in order to generate … Read More

New and Updated Integrations: CBC Innovis, LendingQB, UberWriter, TWN

floify mortgage software update

Floify’s robust suite of integration offerings is one of the many features that have helped our solution differentiate from other mortgage point-of-sale systems on the market. Over the years we’ve added more than two dozen native and third-party integrations with credit reporting agencies, verification services, eSignature providers, cloud storage platforms, LOS systems, and much more. Today we are excited to … Read More

Social Media Marketing for Loan Officers

In 2019, having a social media marketing strategy is a must-have component for every loan officer, whether they are growth-minded or simply wanting to maintain and strengthen existing relationships. Just a few years ago not everybody would have considered social media to be such an important piece of their business. So why is social media marketing now so important for … Read More

Accelerate Your Lending with Floify’s Integrated Verification Services

direct source asset verification income verification employment verification credit reporting mortgage

Ever since Quicken Loans rolled out their Rocket Mortgage product, the mortgage industry has been playing catch-up. Potential borrowers watched advertisements touting direct-source verifications that allowed them to provide instant access to the information the lender needed – without having to source the docs themselves. This type of instant gratification and service expectation is ingrained in today’s tech-driven society. If … Read More

Essential Mortgage Software for Origination Teams in 2020

Today’s modern loan officer relies upon a number of technologies in order to maintain a smooth end-to-end production environment, from prospecting to post-close campaigns. These systems provide a wide spectrum of services to lenders and originators, allowing them to stay organized, maintain their pipeline, and access cost-saving efficiencies. And, as the lending operation scales, these systems become even more impactful … Read More

Key Performance Metrics for Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers

Improve Your Mortgage Process by Making Data-Driven Business Decisions How do you make all of the important decisions necessary to run a flourishing mortgage business? When do you hire? When do you fire? How do you identify bottlenecks or gaps in your process? Are the loans that you’re originating profitable? Far too many people “go with their gut”, a feeling … Read More

MeridianLink Verifications Come to Floify, Plus a Refreshed Loan Pipeline and More!

floify mobile responsive and re-designed loan pipeline

You may have noticed that your Floify loan pipeline has a different look and feel to it than what you were experiencing just a week ago. Good news! You’re not seeing things! In continuing our efforts to build a mobile responsive system, the loan pipeline has been rebuilt with a fully mobile-responsive user interface. Modern design elements and transitions were … Read More

Create the Ultimate Borrower Experience by Embedding Floify in your Website

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DISCLAIMER: THE TECHNIQUE DESCRIBED BELOW IS CONSIDERED ADVANCED, AND SHOULD ONLY BE IMPLEMENTED BY A QUALIFIED WEB DEVELOPER. FLOIFY DOES NOT OFFER SUPPORT FOR EXTERNAL EMBEDDING. Out of the box, every Floify team is given a branded and unique subdomain where their point-of-sale and 1003 loan application lives on the web. When your clients receive their first welcoming ‘needs list’ … Read More

New! Get More Insight at Application with Custom Questions

1003 loan application custom interview questions digital web-based

You may have noticed a theme in our product releases, since early-May. We have invested a tremendous amount of engineering effort and brainpower into Floify’s interview-style 1003 loan application to make it the best in the mortgage industry, and we are committed to maintaining that position by continuously upgrading the functionality and design. Our newest addition continues the trend by … Read More

3 Features That Wow Agents and Separate You From the Crowd

floify realtor referral partner agent features

Top producers in the mortgage industry all understand a fundamental truth that helps them maintain their success over a long period of time. Not only do they understand this truth, they constantly act upon it and even shape their business around it. To build a successful mortgage business, create jobs within your company because of your production, and provide a … Read More