Top Mortgage CRM Software Review

Industry-specific Mortgage CRM Solutions Preferred by Loan Originators Last Updated 2019/6/20 A high-quality mortgage CRM is a critical piece of software for a loan officer and their team. It keeps their prospects, customers, referral partners, and other contacts all organized in a central location. Arguably more important than the system itself is the fit with your office workflow and processes. … Read More

Key Performance Metrics for Loan Originators and Brokers

Running a profitable mortgage origination business is never a static job. It often involves constant evaluation as well as correctly making important and impactful decisions that come up from time-to-time. Are the loans that you’re originating profitable? When should you make the next hire? How do you identify and resolve bottlenecks in your process? Far too many mortgage pros “go … Read More

How Loan Originators Reinforce Referral Relationships with Floify

Longtime loan originators know that there are two major profit centers for their mortgage business. The first is the limitless potential of their client database, providing tons of opportunity for refinances as well as new purchase business. The second comes from developing a network of partners that consistently refer you new business, month-after-month. To build that network LOs spend countless … Read More

Catering your Process to the Largest Demographic of Homebuyers – Millennials

Everyone has seen the statistic: the Millennial generation represents the largest share of potential homebuyers. This is true. Millennials passed Baby Boomers a few years ago and now account for 36% of potential homebuyers, versus a 32% share for Baby Boomers. The gap widens every year. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that Millennials aren’t actually buying homes, earlier this year … Read More

microsoft onedrive floify cloud storage integration

Microsoft® OneDrive® Now Integrated In Floify

Today’s loan originator has numerous options available to them for the purpose of securely storing and organizing the documentation that they take in from their clients. One such method that has become extremely popular is the use of cloud storage platforms that provide loads of space at an affordable rate – allowing for access to your data anywhere there is … Read More

floify ada compliance

Floify Now Compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Mortgage Borrowers

Floify is excited to announce that after a massive development push, our system’s borrower-facing mobile and desktop views are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standard. Now, clients who are blind or have visual or hearing impairments have full and equal access to the Floify system, even if they rely upon … Read More

customizing Floify's communication cadence

Managing How, or When, Floify Sends Notifications to Borrowers

A core automation of the Floify platform involves the system-generated notifications that are sent to borrowers that help keep them accountable, informed, and actively participating in their loan. The six automatic system notifications include: Needs List Add Document Notice Reject Document Notice All Docs Accepted Notice Deadline Notice Idle Application Notification Not only do these notifications use fully-customizable email and … Read More

Mortgage Brokers! Floify Is Now Integrated with AFR Wholesale

We are excited to announce that the Floify mortgage automation platform has now integrated with one of the nation’s leading wholesale lenders, AFR Wholesale. The new partnership provides AFR’s mortgage broker partners with the means to create a streamlined origination, submission, and approval process while ensuring their ability to compete in an increasingly digital landscape. With the powerful point-of-sale capabilities … Read More

5 First Steps to Take After Purchasing a Mortgage Point-of-Sale

It’s clear that the web-based mortgage point-of-sale is here to stay, and is viewed as a critical component of the modern day mortgage lending operation. LOs are rapidly adding these systems to their mix, but not everyone is achieving instant success. For some, the sheer volume of customizations and settings these platforms contain can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t know … Read More

New Loan App Notification, VOA Integration, and more!

In continuing our dedication to innovation throughout the entire mortgage origination process, we recently launched several enhancements to the Floify platform. This recent round of updates has a little something for everyone, including an oft-requested loan application notification, new Day 1 Certainty-approved VOA provider integration, compliance controls, and more! Loan Application Started Notifications Thanks to popular demand, we’ve just rolled … Read More