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Powerful Update to Floify Deadline Reminder Scheduling, and More

floify product update banner

Quietly one of the most powerful borrower-facing features of Floify, the platform’s automated deadline reminders work behind the scenes to keep borrowers accountable and on-task with their documentation requirements. To make this functionality even better, we just gave your deadlines a huge boost in customizability. Check out the the bevy of brand-new scheduling options that […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Referring Relationships a Two-Way Street

It is a reality of today’s home buying environment that the majority of potential borrowers will begin their journey by first engaging with a real estate agent. Chicken before the egg? And yet, this is the way most financed real estate transactions begin, whether or not the borrower has any idea what type or how […]

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How Loan Officers Use Floify to Improve Referral Relationships

floify mortgage loan officer referral partner real estate agent relationship

As you very well know, success as a loan originator depends on your ability to acquire or generate high-quality mortgage leads. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal, from turning your website into a lead-gen machine to leveraging advertising platforms like Zillow and Trulia. But to truly push for the upper levels […]

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Floify’s Refreshed Mobile Borrower Experience and Other Updates

floify product update banner

As part of our commitment to providing your borrowers with an easy-to-use, responsive, and fully functional mobile experience, Floify has recently undergone a massive facelift of the borrower’s mobile user interface. Imagine you are a borrower. Your loan officer starts a loan flow for you in Floify, includes relevant document requests, and checks the box […]

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Mortgage Point-of-Sale? the What and the Why

mortgage point-of-sale point of sale

The mortgage industry has been rapidly moving to adopt technology systems that allow lenders to increase efficiency and thus reduce the overall cost to originate a loan – all while offering homebuyers a more streamlined, transparent, and technologically-enabled process by which to secure a loan. With this adoption has also come more definition. Where in […]

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Unveiling Floify’s Most Recent Product Updates

floify product update banner

With the conclusion of a busy holiday season, it may have gone unnoticed all of the great enhancements that have been made to the Floify mortgage automation platform recently. Between usability and productivity updates, and new powerful apps and integrations with industry powerhouses, loan originators and their teams will find that there are a number […]

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Floify is Pushing the Integration Envelope to New Boundaries

For a long time now, we have known that in order for Floify customers to lead the mortgage industry in efficiency and productivity, we would need to build a platform that promotes integration and seamless communication between multiple mortgage software systems. To accomplish this goal, we struck out with a multi-pronged plan. First, we would […]

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How LOs Use Custom Fields and Layouts to Quickly Assess Their Pipeline

floify custom fields loan pipeline melanie taliaferro

Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules give originators and their teams a nearly infinite number of ways to store and access their data. This has naturally prompted some questions about exactly how mortgage professionals can use these features in meaningful ways. An example use-case comes to us from Melanie Taliaferro, Director of Training and […]

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ScoreReturn’s Credit Restoration Solution Joins the Floify App Store

scorereturn floify credit restoration

The Floify App Store, home to integrated 3rd party services, continues to grow with the addition of ScoreReturn’s credit restoration app. Using the ScoreReturn app, LOs can quickly initiate the restoration process for borrowers lacking the credit profile necessary to make their dream of homeownership a reality. Once the process has begun, ScoreReturn provides: Free […]

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Homepage Search Engine Optimization for Loan Officers

seo search engine optimization loan originators officers

This post is partially excerpted from Floify’s upcoming eBook: Digital Mortgage Strategies for Loan Officers Search Engine Optimization. We know what you’re thinking: “Sounds scary.” Yes, to fully grasp what search engines like Google and Bing! want to see from you would require a doctoral thesis (which would be immediately outdated). The complex algorithms used […]

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Introducing the Next Big Thing: Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules

Just this week, we rolled out one of the most exciting and powerful feature updates to Floify in our history. The introduction of custom fields, custom layouts, business rules, and customizable dashboards will allow Floify Business customers to craft unique, dynamic data inputs that can then be used in a number of awesome ways for […]

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Borrowers Can Purchase Homeowners Insurance Without Leaving Floify

The newest addition to the Floify App Store is going to make the purchase of homeowners insurance much easier on your borrowers, and get your processors the EOI they need even faster. With the Hippo Insurance App, loan officers can initiate a homeowners insurance quote from multiple carriers, and drop it in the borrower’s red […]

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Fill Your Loan Pipeline by Re-Engaging past Clients

engage past mortgage clients

To grow a business organically it is imperative to leverage all of the resources available to you. Your past mortgage clients are one of the best growth channels you will ever have at your disposal. Not only can any of them refer you new business, but every year a segment of your past clients will […]

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Why Loan Officers Should Invest in Their Mortgage Brand

loan officer mortgage brand

We all intuitively know the power of a strong brand. It’s the reason we order a Coke and not a cola, or buy Kleenex and Band-aids, but not facial tissues and adhesive bandages. Those are category-defining unicorn brands. You don’t need to be one of those companies to have a strong mortgage brand that works […]

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Announcing the Floify Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhook Integrations

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately – thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from mortgage professionals like you. Over the last few months, we rolled out dozens of exciting updates, apps, and integrations to help make Floify even better. And now we are excited to share these enhancements with you, which […]

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Why Every Loan Officer Should Strive for the Perfect Loan File

loan file handoff to underwriter

Before the economic recession of 2008 the average cost to originate a loan came in at roughly $5,985. Flash forward to Q1 of this year and the same cost to originate a loan had skyrocketed to a historic high of $8,887. In a bit of good news, Q2 showed production costs settling back down to […]

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How Your Method of Contact Affects Borrower Satisfaction

loan officer updating borrowers with email and phone

Last October, the STRATMOR Group’s Insights Report contained a focus section exploring how borrower satisfaction is impacted by the way LOs communicate with them. The survey results confirmed what we’ve all known for a while now. Communication matters. Significantly. Another important factor that affects borrower satisfaction is the method originators use to communicate with their […]

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4 Old-Fashioned Ways Loan Officers Turn Borrowers into Fans

loan officer handwritten note letter

Today’s digital environment has spawned the movement towards a heavily process-driven sales model. This works to lower origination costs and speed up the home buying process, both of which are coveted outcomes for borrowers, but it also leaves something to be desired on the human side of the transaction. Loan officers are constantly looking for […]

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How Millennials Will Determine the Future of the Mortgage Process

millenial mortgage homebuyer

Everyone has seen the statistic: the Millennial generation now represents the largest share of potential homebuyers. This is true. Millennials passed Baby Boomers a few years ago, and now account for 34% of potential homebuyers, versus a 30% share for Baby Boomers. The gap widens every year. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that Millennials aren’t […]

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How to Drive Profitable Change with Net Promoter Score

mortgage customer satisfaction

As a sales professional, it is incredibly important to understand how your customers feel about their experience working with you. Bold claim, we know. But it’s true: asking for feedback creates new opportunities to engage your customers and strengthen your business. Start collecting actionable feedback and assessing your customer experience by using a widely accepted […]

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7 Key Performance Metrics for Loan Officer Workflow

loan officer metrics kpi key performance indicators

Without data to inform decisions, determining what elements of your business are contributing positively to your bottom-line, and which ones need to be honed, would be like cleaning your house in the dark. It’s not impossible, but you need to get lucky. There is a saying amongst analytically driven business people: “what gets measured, gets […]

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4 Ways Loan Officers Can Use Video To Create Dynamic Relationships

loan officer video marketing

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, video has quickly become the primary type of content that people are choosing to consume. There are good reasons for this. Video is quick (the best videos are under 2 minutes), and research has shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it, compared to […]

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5 Time Management Tips for Loan Officers

loan officer time management

Successfully growing a mortgage business often boils down to how effective a loan officer is at managing time. There are really only three ways for a loan officer to grow their business: Obtain more clients. Close more transactions. Increase revenue per transaction. All of these avenues for growth require LOs to be actively selling. Not […]

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You’ve Earned Your Mortgage License, Now What?

mortgage license

There are books, online courses, and plenty of in-person instruction to help you earn your mortgage license. It’s a very linear path with well defined milestones and an obvious conclusion. The difficulty truly begins once the structure disappears and you’re left to sink-or-swim on your own in the mortgage industry, where building a prosperous business […]

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Mortgage Leads – Part 3: Referrals and Competitive Differentiation

mortgage leads competitive differentiation

Having a diverse web of sources to generate new mortgage leads is critical to growing business for all but the most accomplished of MLOs. Yes, the most consistently profitable way for a loan officer to fill their pipeline is to develop partnerships with the top real estate agents and builders in their area that consistently […]

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Mortgage Leads – Part 2: Driving High-Quality Traffic

mortgage leads website traffic

The average website converts a small percentage of traffic to qualified mortgage leads, which makes it all the more important to first optimize your website for conversions. Once you have taken those steps, it is time to start pulling the levers that bring traffic to your site. It is important to remember that there is […]

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Mortgage Leads – Part 1: Building the Foundation for Conversion

mortgage leads

Consistently generating enough mortgage leads every month to keep a pipeline full is one of the most difficult aspects of the mortgage industry for loan officers. The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of LOs would tell you they have capacity to work MANY more leads than they are getting. The most […]

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Mortgage Software

mortgage software return on investment roi

When loan originators put time and money into implementing changes to their workflow, they are expecting there will be an improvement in one area or another. Being able to calculate the positive or negative return you are getting on your mortgage software investment is critical to understanding which systems are actually helping your business, and […]

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The Digital Mortgage of Today and Tomorrow

digital mortgage

Today, borrowers live in a connected world where a pizza ordered from Dominos is tracked in every stage from ordering to delivery, and they’ve come to expect the same from their business interactions. This culture shift has created an expectation amongst consumers that the mortgage industry needs to embrace an end-to-end digital mortgage. What is […]

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Eliminating Mortgage Fraud with Direct Source Data Integrations

mortgage fraud automated validation

In CoreLogic’s 2016 annual mortgage fraud report, they found that the risk for borrower income fraud increased 12.5% year-over year and the risk of mortgage application fraud also increased 3.9% in the same time period. While mortgage fraud can come in many forms and can be perpetuated by any party involved in the transaction, these […]

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LenderHomePage integration and new notes feature integrates Floify platform has fully integrated the Floify platform into the services they provide for loan officers and lenders. specializes in mortgage websites, mortgage calculator mobile apps, landing pages and web-based marketing services. Working hand-in-hand with a company that selected Floify as their mortgage automation platform, was able to not […]

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Why You Should Be Listening to a Mortgage Podcast

mortgage podcast ilmb

Leveraging peers, mentors, and coaches is widely considered to be the fastest way to learn and grow in the mortgage industry, but it’s not always easy to find a willing mentor or to afford a good coach when you’re just starting out in the business. This is when a good mortgage podcast can be an […]

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How Top Mortgage Tech Providers Win With Partnerships

enterprise mortgage software integration

Customers Prefer Providers that Prioritize Integration When scanning the enterprise mortgage technology space, it is apparent that the companies who have risen to the top are those that have promoted the integration of complementary services. With so much mortgage software available now, lending teams are hungry for platforms that value these integrations, and provide open […]

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Has the Mortgage Industry Adjusted to TRID?

trid mortgage disclosures regulation

The road to a successful TRID rollout has been full of starts and stops over the last year-and-a-half. Concerns remain, but there have been improvements to the mortgage origination process that have come as a response to the new rule and the industry can expect a continued focus on enhancing the mortgage disclosure process. The […]

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Mortgage Automation Platform, Floify, Launches App Store, Giving Loan Officers Access to Library of 3rd Party Mortgage Apps

floify mortgage automation app store

BOULDER, Colo., April 27th, 2017 —Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, announces the launch of the Floify App Store, which allows other industry providers to build complementary apps that offer their branded data and functionality visually within the Floify platform. Floify’s 150,000 registered users already have access to Floify-built integrations with loan origination […]

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The Future of Mortgage Technology (White Paper)

Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software has teamed with mortgage industry veteran, Rob Chrisman, to develop a white paper in response to feedback from loan officers who were asking how they could better prepare their teams for the “year of mortgage tech”. As the mortgage process becomes more streamlined, loan officers place increasing […]

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What is Mortgage Software?

mortgage software

Mortgage software consists of computer programs, both cloud and on-premise, designed to replace traditionally manual operations that were historically handled by individuals during the origination or servicing of mortgages. When it comes to origination, mortgage software comes in a variety of packages depending on the functionality desired. There is software that is specifically designed to […]

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Floify Launches Mortgage Automation Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices

mobile mortgage app loan officers

Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, announces the release of its mobile mortgage app, which allows loan officers, real estate agents and borrowers to manage the loan process from any mobile device. Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, announces the release of its mobile mortgage app, which allows loan officers, real […]

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The Path To $100M in Loan Volume (white paper)

white paper path to 100 million loan volume mortgage

Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software has teamed with mortgage industry experts to develop a white paper that teaches loan officers and branch managers the step-by-step path to growing annual loan volumes to $100M. Top-performers and industry coaches Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive a combined $120m in annual loan volume, will […]

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Floify releases mobile mortgage app as borrowers seek more channels to engage

mobile mortgage app technology floify

Loan officers now have flexible options for working with mortgage borrowers who are on the go The upward trend in consumer’s mobile usage is not subsiding anytime soon. As of a 2015 Pew Research Center study, 68% of adults in the US owned a smartphone (up from just 35% in 2011). Furthermore, the usage of mobile […]

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Why you should hire for culture, and train for skill in your mortgage office

Employees who “fit” enjoy greater success and longevity Research has concluded that employees who fit well with their organization, coworkers, and supervisor had greater job satisfaction, superior job performance, and were more likely to remain with their organization. In other words: make sure your hire fits the culture of your organization and you could be […]

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Help files to solve your Floify conundrums

Floify is designed to be a simple and intuitive interface for mortgage originators to collect borrower documents, and automatically update borrowers and third parties on the progress of their loan. However, occasionally there are hiccups, and we have begun rolling out fresh help articles to address some of the common sticking points for users. Borrower […]

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How to deal with Luddite mortgage borrowers

Written by Floify’s Dave Sims for Reposted here with permission. I’ve heard many stories about technology-averse mortgage borrowers. Below, I’ve listed common objections to using technology during the mortgage process from borrowers, followed by answers to help borrowers overcome their objections. Although these are aimed at a mortgage scenario, they could be applied to […]

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5 tips to landing more mortgage business by keeping your promises

Written by Floify’s Dave Sims for Reposted here with permission. When we were kids, we were taught never to break a promise. But in the grown-up world of mortgages and real estate, delivering on your promises is a technique that will land you more business. I’ll show you this technique. It’s a very simple […]

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