The Best of Floify’s 2019

The Best of Floify’s 2019

It was an eventful year in the mortgage industry!

From historically low interest rates and record-high equity to the long-awaited URLA guidance, 2019 offered plenty of opportunities for success – while also keeping everyone on their toes.

For our part, Floify reached some incredible milestones, launched a number of new integrations, developed many new features, and even took home some awards in the process.

Before we close the book on 2019, take a look back on the best and brightest highlights of Floify’s year:

Partnerships and Integrations

It’s hard to believe that in the span of just twelve months, so many great solutions, that represent a diverse set of functionality, were integrated with Floify to help lenders and LOs create a better flow of data and a smoother lending workflow.

From credit to cloud storage, we covered a lot of bases in 2019.

Credit Reporting

A critical component of the lending process, credit reporting integrations have always fit Floify’s document management capabilities like a glove. Through a quick, seamless ordering process LOs are able to instantly obtain a borrower’s tri-merge credit report from the vendor of their choice and can trust that the documentation is organized alongside the rest of their loan file, in Floify.

This year, four more credit reporting agencies were integrated with Floify, including Partners CreditSettlementOneCIS, and Informative Research — bringing the platform’s total number of CRA integrations to twenty-eight.


Earlier this year, Floify introduced new webhooks that were designed to enable deeper CRM integrations for our customers.

This focus on improving the connectivity between CRMs and Floify’s Point-of-Sale provided the launching pad for several new partnerships. These ranged from a single-touchpoint integration with Whiteboard CRM, to robust, multi-touchpoint, bi-directional integration with Mortgage Panda.

By utilizing an integrated CRM/POS pairing, originators gain automatic synchronization of loan data, documents, milestones, and communications.


One of the very first additions to Floify in 2019 was the integration of Plaid’s Day1 Certainty-approved digital asset verification services, which helps origination teams cut loan processing times by eliminating the sourcing and uploading of borrower bank statements.

Although not a new partnership, Floify engineers also completed a round of enhancements to our AccountChek™ asset verification workflowThese improvements created a new Bank Statements template document type when utilizing the AccountChek integration, which simplifies the process of adding bank accounts for borrowers.


Throughout 2019, Floify also rolled out several new integrations intended to improve specific portions of the loan processing workflow.

For our mortgage broker customers, Floify integrated with one of the nation’s leading wholesale lenders, AFR Wholesale, to create a streamlined origination, submission, and approval process.

And for our loan originators (and lenders), Floify integrated with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service to allow for the seamless synchronization and organization of borrower loan documents.

All-in-all, it was a HUGE year for Floify partnerships and integrations – averaging nearly one every month of the calendar – and we are excited for how 2020 is set up to deliver even more value for mortgage professionals looking to create a connected technology stack.

Features and Functionality

floify's newest features

There is a common theme amongst many of the features that were added to Floify in 2019.

Much of this new functionality is geared towards improving the borrower’s mortgage experience, giving originators everything they need to craft a dynamic first impression, and making it faster and easier for originators to get prospects into their pipeline.

Early in the year, we sought to tackle the issue of incomplete loan applications.

This meant the creation of a new message in Floify, the idle application notification, which reminds prospects that they have started but not completed their loan application and provides a simple hyperlink to make it easy for the prospect to return and finish. And to allow for manual intervention, Floify also added the ability for originators to convert a partial 1003 into a live loan flow to keep the process moving forward.

But before a prospect even gets to the originator’s loan application, they are first greeted by an all-new landing page design which features the LO’s branding prominently and also allows for the creation of partner co-branded landing pages. The sleek, modern look gives borrowers a great first impression for the digital mortgage journey they are about to embark upon.

floify redesigned landing pages

Speaking of the digital mortgage journey, in October a big update to Floify ensured that all borrower-facing mobile and desktop views are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standard. Now, clients who are blind or have visual or hearing impairments have full and equal access to the benefits provided by digital mortgage technology.

We weren’t done with the borrower’s experience yet!

One of the greatest borrower pain points that still exists in a tech-enabled mortgage process is the signing of disclosures. Because of the complexities involved with generating these documents, the industry has generally adopted a process that takes their borrowers into a different web portal then they are familiar with, exclusively for disclosure signing.

This means new credentials, a new user interface, and documents that live in a separate environment.

Throughout 2019, we worked with our Enterprise lenders to develop a solution to the problem with our new and improved Disclosure Desk. By connecting Floify with a lender’s LOS and leveraging our existing DocuSign integration, we have developed a true single-access experience for borrowers that also results in a faster and easier disclosing process for lenders.

docusign disclosure

To close out the year with a bang, we launched the third version of our modern, web-based 1003 loan application that includes new functionality such as multi-language subtitles, printable Form 1003 PDFs, and support for the revised URLA.

Even more innovative features are planned to build off the version 3 foundation in 2020!


floify 2019 awards

2019 was also a big year on the awards front for Floify, with both the company and individual contributors taking home some hardware.

The year kicked off with our system being recognized as a HousingWire Tech100 winner for the third year in a row!

Later in the year, while much of America was fixated on the return of pumpkin spice lattes, several members of the Floify team were honored for their invaluable contributions to the mortgage industry.

Floify’s Director of Customer Success, Mariko Hodgkinson, was named as a 2019 Lending Luminary by the PROGRESS in Lending Association. The winners of this award are recognized for their industry leadership, vision, and ability to inspire others.

Floify’s Director of Engineering, Dave Lamy, was one of only 50 individuals from the entire housing industry to be awarded HousingWire’s coveted Insiders award, which recognizes the professionals that companies turn to with the most important or challenging projects because their efforts lead to superior results.

Longtime Floify engineer Nick McDonald was awarded with HousingWire’s inaugural Tech Trendsetters award, which highlights the most impactful and innovative technology leaders serving the housing economy. The carefully selected group of winners included titans of the industry and we couldn’t be more excited to see Nick’s contributions honored alongside theirs.

Congratulations to Mariko, Dave, Nick, and the entire Floify team!


Make no mistake, 2019 was a big year for Floify.

We had the privilege of working with amazing partners, serving fantastic customers, and making our own contributions to the advancement of the mortgage industry for all.

We couldn’t be more thankful, or more thrilled about what is in store.

Our roadmap for 2020 is stuffed with exciting innovations and integrations that will give Floify customers capabilities the competition will envy, and a workflow that allows more freedom and choice.

Cheers to a prosperous and enjoyable 2020!