Add New Third Parties to Your Milestone Updates On-the-Fly

Add New Third Parties to Your Milestone Updates On-the-Fly

A recent update introduced a new, quick way for loan originators to add third parties to their milestone updates — without having to first add the contact to the global address book in Floify.

In addition, a third party that is manually added via the milestone update modal does not receive an invitation to participate in the loan flow, or any other indirect notifications.

Now, when checking off any milestone in the loan flow, lending teams will see a simplified “✚ Add Third Party” button below the list of people that could receive the milestone notification.

loan milestone new add third party button

This functionality is exceptionally useful when a LO wants to add a third party to a specific milestone notification, but it is more efficient to include them one-off than to go through the longer workflow of adding them to the global address book.

The third party could be a title agent, attorney, or insurance agent that an originator doesn’t have an extensive relationship with, for example.

To complete the process and add a third party to the milestone update, originators will need to input a couple of pieces of contact information which the system will use to notify the person, including their name, email address, and optionally a phone number for sending the update via SMS/text.

add the third party and their contact information to the milestone

Unlike your partners from the global address book, manually added third parties can be deleted from the milestone notification modal completely by simply clicking the trash can icon.

easily delete any manually added third party on a milestone

This functionality is currently available to Floify customers with a Business-level account. Enterprise and Team accounts will gain access in a later release.