Enhance User Security with Floify’s New Password Controls

Enhance User Security with Floify’s New Password Controls

The newest update to Floify provides lenders with a set of configurable security controls from which to craft their user password requirements.

These settings, which can be accessed from your company dashboard, apply to users under the company’s umbrella and not borrowers or partners.

Not only does a lender gain the ability to tighten their protective measures, but these new security features will also allow access to future integrations with vendors who require a certain level of user password security to be in effect in order to utilize their services.

Specifically, these new controls give admins the ability to:

  • Set a password expiration date that forces users to reset their password at a chosen interval.
  • Set the number of unique passwords that a user must create before they can reuse a previous password.
  • Set a maximum number of invalid sign-in attempts before a user will be locked out.
  • Set the duration of the lockout period.
  • Set a limit for how long a user can be inactive before being disabled (disabled users can be re-activated by a company admin).

For more information about Floify’s Password Controls, and how to configure them, please see the Floify Knowledge Center.

Idle Application – SMS Notification

We have expanded our idle loan application notice to now include an optional SMS text message format.

When this feature is actively configured, prospects or borrowers who start your 1003 loan application, but do not finish, will receive a notification that reminds them to complete the application with an attached hyperlink for quick access.

Learn how to configure your idle application notice in the Floify Knowledge Center.

Team Level LOS Milestone Sync

Floify now supports the configuration of the LOS milestone sync functionality at the origination team level. This new feature provides granular flexibility for originators to manage their loan status updates.

Origination teams can choose which milestones are mapped from the LOS to Floify and can customize how, or if, notifications are sent to loan stakeholders when milestones are completed.

This new feature is in addition to the existing company-level LOS milestone sync that is unilaterally applied throughout all teams under the company dashboard.

Learn more about the LOS milestone sync feature in the Floify Knowledge Center.