New Idle App Notification Reminds Prospects to Finish Incomplete Loan Apps

New Idle App Notification Reminds Prospects to Finish Incomplete Loan Apps

Floify’s interview-style Apply Now 2.0 loan application is designed to help loan originators and their teams maximize their pull-through rate, and reduce the friction and frustration that many borrowers ascribe to the loan application process.

But sometimes your prospects could use a little nudge or reminder when they’ve started an application but have not gotten it to the finish line quite yet…

Remind Borrowers to Complete A Loan Application

To help you bring these prospects and borrowers back to the table faster, we’ve introduced a new idle application touch-point that you can leverage to automate your follow-up in these situations.

Similar to Floify’s other email-based notifications, the content and messaging is completely configurable via a customizable template within your Floify settings.

And just like Floify’s deadlines, the new idle application reminder also allows for deep configuration of frequency, blackout dates, and sending time to give you maximum control over your workflow.

Not quite ready to roll out this reminder? No problem! You can easily disable the functionality until you’ve got your settings and templates adjusted to your specifications.

Learn how to configure your idle application reminders in the Floify Knowledge Center.

Standardize Custom 1003 Questions For All Loan Teams

Floify’s custom 1003 application questions are now available at the company level for use across all loan teams.

Custom questions are created in your company Appy Now settings, similarly to how they are made at the team level, with the noted exception that company administrators now have additional override options.

A company admin can:

  • Control whether or not LO Teams can add their own unique custom questions.
  • Require a custom question to be asked on 1003s company-wide.
  • Require a custom question to be answered on 1003s company-wide.

Borrower Login Flow Update

We recently made an update to the login process for borrowers, in order to ensure that they arrive at the proper loan flow destination.

If a borrower logs in to their account via the unique subdomain provided by their lender, then they will be presented with the loan(s) that are active for them with that lender. However, many borrowers choose to log in to their account from the Floify website or general application domain,

When this occurs, if a borrower has loan flows going with multiple loan teams we need to determine which loan flow they want to work on. To accomplish this, we will display a list of active loans tied to their account so that they can select the correct one.