Learn Mortgage Strategy from a $100M+ Originator

Learn Mortgage Strategy from a $100M+ Originator

A year ago we wrote a post discussing the simple reasons why any success-driven loan officer would do well to pay attention to the mortgage-related podcast content that is being created right now.

A year later and nothing has changed. Mortgage podcasts are still outstanding resources because:

  1. The content is completely free.
  2. The good ones are chock-full of relevant and actionable strategies that top producers are currently employing in the industry.
  3. Podcasts come in easily digestible lengths, so you can consume them during a commute.
  4. Did we mention the content is completely free?

It’s no secret that the podcast medium has been picking up steam in the last couple of years. In fact, there have been some new entries that are worth a subscribe. For example, LOs looking for sales-specific information can check out industry giant Todd Duncan’s recently launched High Trust Podcast, featuring super short episodes focused on business and work-life balance lessons.

One exciting new podcast that is specific to mortgage originators is Loan Officer Strategy Sessions hosted by one of the top loan officers in the country, Andrew Soss.

Mr. Soss was a Scotsman Guide top 200 producer every year from 2011 through 2016. This includes a whopping $256M in combined loan volume production between 2015 and 2016.

He knows a thing or three about originating loans.

And so do the guests on his show. Over the course of the first 6 episodes, there have already been multiple $100M+ producers who have graced the airwaves.

These industry leaders offer extremely valuable insights for listeners. Topics range from how they structure and operate their mortgage business, create high-powered referral relationships, and craft top-notch customer experiences.

Hear how and why Jason Knee prioritizes team culture, producing 340 loans and $160 million in loan volume last year. Or how Wally Ellibiary and his team grew their business to over $100M by focusing their referral strategy on multi-agent teams.

The content offers tremendous value.

Do yourself a favor and pop on a show during your commute and listen in as some of the best-in-the-business openly share their secrets to success.