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Why You Should Be Listening to a Mortgage Podcast

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Leveraging peers, mentors, and coaches is widely considered to be the fastest way to learn and grow in the mortgage industry, but it’s not always easy to find a willing mentor or to afford a good coach when you’re just starting out in the business. This is when a good mortgage podcast can be an invaluable device to quickly assimilate lessons that others have spent years learning the hard way. The key here is that podcasts are free, and can be brought on the go for listening at convenient moments.

Which Mortgage Podcast is Worth a Listen?

One mortgage podcast we’ve been paying attention to is the I Love Mortgage Brokering podcast that is managed by Canadian mortgage broker, Scott Peckford. Scott has spent the last few years interviewing successful mortgage brokers and has amassed over 150 insight-packed episodes, and adds more every week.

Take for example a recent episode with Austin, Texas based loan officer Melanie Taliaferro, who has 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry to pull from. The interview focused on concepts related to building a team (hiring, roles, culture, structure), which is invaluable knowledge for a loan officer who strives to grow their business, but they also covered a number of other topics, such as:

  • tools and tips for staying organized
  • the process for evaluating a company you might want to work for
  • lessons learned from a mortgage coaching company

These are valuable lessons and business insights that are free to access, and can be consumed in less than 30 minutes in most cases. The collection of interviews on the ILMB podcast coves a wide landscape of mortgage-related topics, from how the LO being interviewed got started in the industry (Melanie learned the processing side first) — to what is the hot mortgage software they’re using to improve their business.

If you’re a loan officer, or aspiring loan officer, looking to grow your skills and your business, having an experienced mentor or coach to guide you helps fast track the learning curve. If you’re struggling to build one of those relationships, or if you’re looking to supplement with other perspectives, a mortgage podcast is a free and flexible vehicle to learn from some of the best in the industry.

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