floify surefire integration

Convert More Applications to Loans with Floify & Surefire CRM

Convert More Applications to Loans with Floify & Surefire CRM

To truly win more deals from the competition AND get those deals across the finish line, a loan originator has to have a well developed digital process in place to engage and educate prospects at all times of day or night.

And, by combining Floify's POS with Top of Mind's Surefire CRM via native integration, LOs can do just that. With these two systems working in tandem, an LO will have the capacity to create a highly automated, yet personalized, application-to-loan experience for their borrowers.

floify surefire integration

Using Automation to Improve Speed-to-Lead and Re-engagement

While the dream scenario for originators is still developing a network of referring agents and partners that can hand-off warm leads, there are other channels available that can be profitable for LOs. Whether an LO is buying leads, advertising on Zillow/Facebook/Google, or getting great local organic traffic to their website, there will be more competition for these types of prospects and their potential business.

The key to winning more deals at this stage is having a fast-response, high-touch process right out of the gate.

There are numerous studies about how impactful a business' response time is on their ability to get new business (here, here, and here for example).

For loan teams, one of the biggest barriers to having a robust speed-to-lead is purely timing. Many organically sourced loan applications are going to be submitted at night or on weekends because that's when prospects have the time to conduct their personal business.

For that reason, one of the more attractive aspects of using a digital lender such as Quicken Loans is the speed with which the service is able to provide some level of qualification as well as getting the prospect moving into other aspects of the process immediately. Even in the middle of the night, because the technology never sleeps.

Loan originators using Floify have the capabilities at their disposal to build a similar front-end workflow and borrower experience. They can configure automated credit reporting, set up business logic to immediately build a unique document needs list for the prospect, and leverage customizable notifications to get the lines of communication established.

Now, even with a dialed-in process, there will still be prospects who fail to take the next step for one reason or another. But the hard work has been done and the cost paid for getting this prospect into your pipeline. This is where the Surefire's award-winning content and marketing automation can help loan originators re-market to stalled prospects and get them back on track.

With the Floify–Surefire integration connected, prospect data from the submitted Floify loan application will have already flowed seamlessly into Surefire to create a new lead in the CRM. From there, a loan team can easily kick-off a customized and personalized borrower re-marketing campaign.

Why is this so critical? Because the cost of re-marketing to your prospects has been proven to be much cheaper than the cost of acquiring a new prospect and they are also more likely to take a revenue-producing action.

Use Automated Content Delivery to Educate and Accelerate

Once the originator has built a dynamically automated front-end experience to engage prospects and win the deal, the focus turns to how to efficiently manage the borrower through the processing and underwriting stages of the workflow.

This means keeping the borrower accountable to their responsibilities, actively engaged in fulfilling those responsibilities, and educating them throughout the process to avoid the possible pitfalls – while also increasing satisfaction.

With the Floify–Surefire integration's milestone sync mapped and active, LOs can create messaging for their borrowers that is triggered automatically as the origination process moves through its various stages.

These messages can be tailored to describe the importance of clear and accurate documentation, not making large purchases or opening credit accounts, or just setting general expectations about what is happening and how long it would be expected to take.

Through these timely reminders and curated content, LOs can arm their prospects with the tools and knowledge needed for an expeditious closing.

Why Floify and Surefire?

Floify's point-of-sale and mortgage automation platform combines with Top of Mind's Surefire CRM to create a powerful and extremely customizable borrower engagement technology stack.

While Floify helps loan originators deliver a branded digital mortgage experience for their borrowers by using next-generation technologies designed to make the process more efficient, Surefire helps LOs deploy personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns leveraging award-winning content for their prospects, in-process loan customers, and past clients.

Request a demo of Surefire by Top of Mind to learn more about how their platform is helping loan originators leverage marketing automation to take their business to the next level.