Create Extra Value by Consolidating Mortgage Software Systems

Create Extra Value by Consolidating Mortgage Software Systems

As each year passes, loan officers find that they have to re-evaluate their software stack to ensure that they have the most efficient and productive set of systems in place in order to create the most return on those investments. It’s a daunting process that becomes more overwhelming when considering the sheer size of the mortgage software stack that many LOs have put in place.

Fortunately, with reflection comes improvement.

Is there a better way for me to do things? Am I using each of these systems in a way that is productive and ROI generating? Do I actually need this?

As it stands today, there is no all-in-one system that can replace the entire mortgage software ecosystem, and there likely will never be a system like that which does everything well. However, in some cases, you will find that functionality you are getting from multiple systems can be consolidated without losing effectiveness.

Floify is one such system that is able to combine a few disparate functions into a streamlined package. Our customers are able to, in some circumstances, roll back their software spend by leveraging what is already in place with Floify.

Here are some examples of areas where LOs are consolidating processes into Floify so they can roll-back their spend, shrink their stack, and create an smoother workflow.

Unlimited Document Storage

We understand that some lenders and loan officers already have a 3rd-party cloud storage provider that they love. Floify supports those customers with direct integration to top solutions such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

But for those who don’t already use cloud storage, or who simply want to cut out one more expense, Floify provides unlimited storage for all of your collected or uploaded borrower documentation.

Floify’s loan document management capabilities create an inherently organized file system, making it intuitive and fast to view and download docs. With the platform already being the system-of-record for borrower document collection, it would make sense to keep those docs right there instead of piping them into yet one more location.

Web-based 1003 loan application

Floify’s interview-style 1003 provides a tremendous amount of value to Floify customers thanks to its elegant design and powerful feature set. Moreover, Floify’s 1003 is included with a Business-level subscription for no extra cost.

And yet we consistently see lenders and originators who are paying for outdated loan app technology that provides no other business functionality or value beyond its one job.

Contact Management

Floify is not a full-blown CRM, capable of orchestrating email marketing campaigns to segmented lists of prospects, clients, and referral partners.

But, as we wrote recently, there are powerful features available within the platform that can be used to build lite contact management systems and maintain client data.

Not every LO has a client database and prospecting ground-game that requires an expensive mortgage-focused CRM to coordinate those programs.

For some originators, simply being able to enter, and later recall, data about their clients and prospects would do the job just fine. Floify’s custom fields and layouts are more than capable of providing that functionality, and then some.