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Floify’s Refreshed Mobile Borrower Experience and Other Updates

floify product update banner

As part of our commitment to providing your borrowers with an easy-to-use, responsive, and fully functional mobile experience, Floify has recently undergone a massive facelift of the borrower’s mobile user interface. Imagine you are a borrower. Your loan officer starts a loan flow for you in Floify, includes relevant document requests, and checks the box […]

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Mortgage Point-of-Sale? the What and the Why

mortgage point-of-sale point of sale

The mortgage industry has been rapidly moving to adopt technology systems that allow lenders to increase efficiency and thus reduce the overall cost to originate a loan – all while offering homebuyers a more streamlined, transparent, and technologically-enabled process by which to secure a loan. With this adoption has also come more definition. Where in […]

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ScoreReturn’s Credit Restoration Solution Joins the Floify App Store

scorereturn floify credit restoration

The Floify App Store, home to integrated 3rd party services, continues to grow with the addition of ScoreReturn’s credit restoration app. Using the ScoreReturn app, LOs can quickly initiate the restoration process for borrowers lacking the credit profile necessary to make their dream of homeownership a reality. Once the process has begun, ScoreReturn provides: Free […]

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Introducing the Next Big Thing: Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules

Just this week, we rolled out one of the most exciting and powerful feature updates to Floify in our history. The introduction of custom fields, custom layouts, business rules, and customizable dashboards will allow Floify Business customers to craft unique, dynamic data inputs that can then be used in a number of awesome ways for […]

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Mortgage Software

mortgage software return on investment roi

When loan originators put time and money into implementing changes to their workflow, they are expecting there will be an improvement in one area or another. Being able to calculate the positive or negative return you are getting on your mortgage software investment is critical to understanding which systems are actually helping your business, and […]

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The Digital Mortgage of Today and Tomorrow

digital mortgage

Today, borrowers live in a connected world where a pizza ordered from Dominos is tracked in every stage from ordering to delivery, and they’ve come to expect the same from their business interactions. This culture shift has created an expectation amongst consumers that the mortgage industry needs to embrace an end-to-end digital mortgage. What is […]

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LenderHomePage integration and new notes feature integrates Floify platform has fully integrated the Floify platform into the services they provide for loan officers and lenders. specializes in mortgage websites, mortgage calculator mobile apps, landing pages and web-based marketing services. Working hand-in-hand with a company that selected Floify as their mortgage automation platform, was able to not […]

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The Loan Officer Technology Stack

loan officer mortgage technology software

The Loan Officer Software Stack is Largest in Housing In a high producing mortgage environment, loan officer software needs can be broken down into three essential functions: lead generation, borrower/partner experience, and business operations. In order to cover all these areas, lender’s need to acquire a large “stack” of mortgage tech to implement into their […]

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3 Problems Caused When Mortgage Software Systems Don’t Talk to Each Other

mortgage software systems technology integration

Steer clear of these unintended, and completely avoidable, issues with your mortgage tech Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in mortgage software systems coming to market, including CRM’s, LOS’, eSignature, cloud storage, marketing automation, and others all designed to help a loan officer and their team become more organized and […]

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6 Ways Loan Management Software Improves the Mortgage Process

loan management software

In every industry, finding ways to be more efficient is critical to increasing output. In the mortgage industry, spending less time gathering and processing documents and communicating updates to your team and to your clients can dramatically increase the amount of loans you can service. Below, we outline 6 ways Floify loan management software can […]

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5 Essential Features of Cloud Mortgage Software

mortgage software comparison

At Floify, we are dedicated to providing the best cloud mortgage software possible to mortgage lenders across the United States. If you are a mortgage lender who is looking for a platform to streamline the mortgage approval process, here are the 5 essential features you’ll need. Document Portal Managing just one mortgage can take hundreds […]

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Top Mortgage CRM Software Review

top mortgage crm software

Mortgage industry-specific solutions now the norm A good mortgage CRM is a critical piece of software for a loan officer and their teams. It keeps their prospects, customers, referral partners, and other contacts all organized in a central location. Having a system that fits your needs and process can be a huge benefit, and today […]

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The 3 most common complaints about the mortgage lending process

mortgage lending process complaints

Avoid these mortgage lending process issues to win repeat business and referrals We scoured the internet in a review of the most common complaints that are leveled at loan officers about the mortgage lending process. We looked at not just what borrowers had to say, but real estate agents as well. Why is this important? […]

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The right mortgage lending software improves borrower experience

mortgage lending software system

Avoid Negative Reviews, and Win More Referrals One thing that we know for sure is that bad software almost always leads to a frustrating experience for anyone that must use it. The opposite is true as well: choosing a mortgage lending software, or mortgage automation system, that presents a clean, streamlined, and intuitive front to […]

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New stuff! Deadline notice timing, and edit doc name/description!

after selecting the edit icon you will be given the option to change the name and description of the document

As you probably know, we’re SUPER BUSY launching our automated asset verification feature, but in the meantime we’ve got some new usability improvements to show off. We’ve added more customization to some of the core functions of Floify, like adjusting the timing of the deadline notice. Edit document name and description Sometimes, when a borrower […]

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Social media marketing for loan officers

Use these social media marketing tips as part of your overall marketing strategy Social media is no longer a phenomenon, it is now the norm. According to polling conducted by Pew Research Center, 72% of all adult internet users are on Facebook. The data also shows that social media isn’t just for young-folk anymore: Beyond the […]

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How to Generate More Mortgage Leads from Referral Partners

generate mortgage leads

Referrals are the lifeblood of the mortgage originator. Having real estate agents and other trusted partners sending you mortgage leads is one of the best ways to keep your pipeline full. We’ve spoken with some big producers about how they connect with new referral partners, and how they go about reinforcing those relationships to generate more business […]

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3 ways to improve your mortgage website

With borrowers becoming more and more digitally inclined, a well designed mortgage website with easy-to-use tools and lead capture devices is an absolute must. After you’ve got those pieces in line, use these website tips to take your personal mortgage brand to the next level, build trust with your clients, and stand out from the […]

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New improvements to mortgage milestones!

One of the most popular features of the Floify platform is the automated status updates and mortgage milestones. This is a simple way to keep your borrowers, loan partners, and referral partners in-the-loop and informed with a couple clicks of your mouse. Now you have more flexibility when sending out your mortgage milestones email updates! TO […]

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Boost Your Referrals with Instant Pre-Approval Letters

We know that loan originators thrive on referrals from real estate agents and other partners, so we’ve created a way to bring those third parties closer to you! Now you can give your referral partners their own portal. Once there, they can track the progress of loans that you’ve invited them to, upload documents, and […]

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Customizing your needs-list email for max effectiveness

Needs-list email suggestions and samples For many of our customers, this automated email is the first introduction their borrower will get to the secure portal where they will be uploading their personal documentation. This email can be crucial in order to ensure a smooth, and quick, process. The big question: what exactly are we trying to accomplish […]

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The mortgage process feature that will land you more business

Written by Floify’s Dave Sims for Reposted here with permission. Differentiate your mortgage business from the competition with more than just “great customer service.” Provide what millennials and a surprising number of older borrowers want — automated mortgage process status updates. I’m going to show you how to do this. Every loan officer purports […]

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5 Tips to Help Loan Officers Generate More Leads

Competition is everywhere, in all types of businesses. As a loan officer, you obviously have your share. Here are some ways to set your brand apart as well as generate more leads. 1. Take Advantage of Social Media If you’re not as active on social media as you should be, you’re robbing yourself of a […]

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3 Common Mistakes Loan Originators Make that Cost Them Dearly

There are several mistakes loan originators make that can result in several major issues, killing the chances of further referrals. However, as damaging as these mistakes can be, they’re actually fairly easy to fix — all it takes is a little effort to improve organizational processes. Here are some of the more common problems along […]

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“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever announces new loan document organization capabilities, making it simple for lenders to find their loan documents fast. Today, announced that it has new capabilities to perfectly organize any lender’s loan documents: Loan Dashboard: New “traffic light” metaphor aids in determining loan status at a glance Deadlines: New graphic labels indicate whether loan deadlines […]

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