PRESS RELEASE: Floify Releases Single Sign-On Functionality to Improve Security and Streamline the Digital Loan Origination Process for Mortgage Borrowers

BOULDER, COLO – June 29, 2022 Floify, the mortgage industry's leading point-of-sale solution and subsidiary of Porch Group, Inc. ("Porch Group”) (NASDAQ: PRCH), just released their new Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, making Floify the first of all major mortgage point-of-sale systems to implement this highly sought-after feature. 

Floify’s SSO provides lenders and loan originators with a quick and simple way to make the mortgage process even easier and more secure for borrowers. SSO utilizes a centralized authentication service where one set of login credentials can be used to access multiple systems and applications. By relying on a single set of trusted credentials from widely-used platforms, such as Google or Facebook, borrowers are able to streamline account creation and management when joining new applications.

Floify's SSO also empowers mortgage companies using the OpenID Connect authentication protocol to integrate Floify with their own company-specific user verification system. By allowing borrowers to use the same login credentials for Floify and the company's website, this unique customization enables a more seamless experience for the consumer as they interact with the company's brand.

"Shortening application-to-close time is key. When lenders and originators leverage Floify's built-in borrower SSO functionality, they are able to reduce friction in the early stages of the mortgage origination process, while at the same time improving information security,” said Floify President and General Manager Sofia Rossato. “In addition, the simplicity of SSO makes it more likely that a borrower who has paused their application will come back to complete it, thereby improving loan close rates.”

Floify's SSO is an optional feature that can be enabled by a company administrator. Once enabled, origination teams will find that their Floify landing pages and 1003 loan application now present borrowers with the option to use Google, Facebook or company-specific SSO credentials to create an account or start their application.

About Floify:
Floify is a digital mortgage point-of-sale solution that streamlines the loan process by providing a secure application, communication, and document portal between lenders, borrowers, referral partners, and other mortgage stakeholders. Loan originators use the platform to collect and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, communicate with borrowers and real estate agents, and close loans faster. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado and is privately held. For more information, visit the company’s website at or on social media at FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.