Cloud Storage

Floify's integration with the Dropbox cloud storage platform allows originators and their teams to seamlessly connect their existing Dropbox account to Floify.

Once integrated, uploaded borrower documents are immediately synchronized to a system-generated Pending Review folder within the connected Dropbox storage drive.

When a loan originator or member of their team reviews and approved of the document by clicking the "Thumbs Up" icon within Floify, the file is moved from the Pending Review folder to be stored in the corresponding loan file folder.


About Dropbox

Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that's transforming the way people work together, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. With more than 500 million registered users across more than 180 countries, our products are designed to help unleash the world’s creative energy and establish a more enlightened way of working. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Dropbox has 12 offices around the world.