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Create a smooth flow of loan documents and income analysis reports from Floify to Blueprint and back.

In today’s mortgage world we have built great tools to cover the “Four C’s” of underwriting which are Credit, Collateral, Capital, and Capacity. However, we still have challenges and a lack of tools for Capacity.

Blueprint solves the missing link… it allows your team to choose any income type including all self-employed borrowers, rental income, commissions, or grossing up income you need for your borrower. Blueprint then provides the correct requirements, calculations, and proper documentation of that calculation to close the borrower without fear of a recourse buyback due to errors in income calculation.

By using Blueprint Income Analysis Software you now have a single solution to review all thirty-plus types outlined in agency guidelines. This results in better turn times, better quality, and far better communications on exactly what you can qualify your borrower on for income.

When utilizing the Blueprint/Floify integration, loan teams can create a file within the Blueprint Income Analysis Software by importing documents directly from Floify's mortgage point-of-sale system. After running the Blueprint analysis, generated reports can be sent back to Floify to maintain loan file integrity in a single location

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