Instant Credit Reports

Floify’s integration with Accudata via the XpertOnline interface enables loan officers to automate a portion of their mortgage process by automatically collecting a borrower’s credit report from Accudata.

This can occur upon submission of a 1003 loan application or on-demand directly from a Floify loan flow.

Floify’s integration with Accudata's credit reporting services also eliminates the hassle of collecting credit reports by empowering borrowers to digitally submit their consent directly to lenders in just a few clicks.

Once ordered, borrower credit reports will be seamlessly delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding Floify loan flow, ready for review and approval.

About Accudata

AccuData began as a mailing list company 30 years ago; but the industry has changed since then and so have we. Today we provide fully integrated marketing solutions to thousands of customers — from print shops and marketing agencies, to some of the nation’s most beloved brands — across the U.S.

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